Another Rapper after Polo G got recently arrested and his arrest news is becoming viral on social media in the whole united states. Yes, I am talking about Rapper Ken Carson. Ken Carson Rapper is in jail and his arresting news is spreading on various social media platforms continuously. Be on the blog to the end to get all about Ken Carson whose real name is Kenyatta Frazier. 

Ken Carson Arrested

Our sources revealed that Ken Carson Rapper was arrested on charges of domestic violence.

Florida police arrested him on August 19, 2021. Even his mugshot report is also becoming viral on social media in which he is clearly charged with battery (domestic violence).

The officials have booked Ken Carson in Orange County jail, Florida.

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Rapper Ken Carson

Some internet users have mentioned that  Kenyatta Frazier was arrested for beating his girlfriend. But any official statement has not yet come out in which anything like this is mentioned.

Everyone is completely shocked when the arrested news of Ken Carson Rapper comes out. He has thousands of fans on social media platforms. Even for many of them, Ken Carson was an ideal. That’s the reason this is horrible news for all of them.

Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media platforms are flooded with Kenyatta Frazier’s posts.

Rapper Ken Carson

Ken Carson Aka Kenyatta Frazier

Ken Carson is a popular 21 years old Rapper. his real name is Kenyatta Frazier & he is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, his musical style gravitates towards the rap subgenre associated with Atlanta city.

Our sources revealed that in childhood, Kenyatta Frazier attended military school. However, the rapper stated that he was kicked out of his school and school was “never his thing”. Later he decided to focus on the Musical industry and become a rapper.

In 2018, Ken released his independent debut titled “Fold”. He was soon discovered by American rapper and songwriter Playboi Carti, who was also hunting new talent at that time. Then, Carti signed Ken under his Opium record label.

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Ken Car$on Age, Instagram, Girlfriend

Ken Carson aka Kenyatta Frazier is very popular on social media platforms. Even he has 129k+ followers on his Instagram account at this time. Not only on Instagram, even he also owns a youtube channel named Ken Carson. Currently, he has 28k+ subscribers on his youtube. Sources revealed that his age is 21 years.

No doubt that his arresting news badly affects his musical career.

Fans and followers of Ken Carson rappers posting their thoughts on social media, here are some tweets of Ken Car$on fans.

Don’t worry guys Playboi Carti will bail Ken Carson out

“all these jits acting like ken Carson beating women is cool shit is so lame i can tell they all get no bitches”

“KEN CARSON I WATCHED CRACKED ROLLING LOUD STREAMS FOR U Loudly crying face loudly crying face loudly crying face loudly crying face”

“wow ken Carson really a domestic abuser that’s fuc**d”

“These r my last few months I can be like ken Carson (a teenager)”


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