Recently we have come across the unfortunate death news of 65 years old legendary T Rodgers. His name is associate with the famous Black P. Stone Nation Bloods gang. It was believed that he was the founder of the Bloods gang. The news of his death was confirmed by authentic sources. After the information, a lot of social media users share RIP and mourning messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Below in this article, we will discuss more T Rodgers blood, Death, Black P. Stone (bps), Cause of death, Age, Net worth, Wikipedia, Obituary, Wife, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

T Rodgers Death

It is sad today we have lost the founder of the new chapter “Almighty Black P Stone Nation”. He founded this after getting permission from “Main 21” according to the IMDB profile. Under his supervision, the group expanded his root drastically. According to the sources, in Baldwin Hills, more than five hundred members were part of his gang. His death has shattered down so many hearts including his colleagues in the gang. We pray his soul rest in peace. Our sympathy goes with the family members and relatives.

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Tariq Nasheed wrote on Twitter: “#RestinPower to triple OG and #LosAngeles street legend turned activist T Rodgers, who passed away this morning. This brother was working with me on our new museum because I was planning a dedication to him & his work to be displayed in the museum (and I’m still doing it). Raised fist”

T Rodgers


The obituary details are not revelated by the family members of T Rodgers. In this time, we can understand their mental condition.

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Cause Of Death

T Rodgers’s cause of death was still a mystery. As he was around 65 years old, it may be possible that he died due to a heatlh illness. We will back with the exact cause of death very soon. Hundred of people mourn at the news. Here are few:

“REST IN PEEACE UNCLE T.. Grew up 4050 Ursala Ave. Birth until 13yrs old Next building over from T and his family . My father and T.Rodgers pledged to police the neighborhood, and control the violence . In the early 90’s they , along with many high ranking members of various California Blood and Crip gangs organized a REAL (recognized by OG’s And YG’S ) gang truce during one of the bloodiest times in US history. I saw T as my uncle and he knew it until time separated me from Los angels . We linked at my video shoot in the neighborhood a few times and YEA OG, IM DOING THE SONG WE SPOKE ABOUT! Glad we got to speak about Diamond (RIP) #GIP #trodgers #bps #Redhommies #policethehood #FOI #fallensoldiers”


T Rodgers

T Rodgers was born in Southside Chicago. He was born in poor condition and mostly brought up in slums in 47 th Street. Later when he was 12 years old, his family shifted to Westside of Los Angeles,  Baldwin Hills. At that time the area was known by the name of “The Jungles”. The hills were famous for gangs, drugs, violence, and murder. Further, when T. grew up he chooses to be a part of the gang who contrary to popular belief. He formed a chapter of the “Almighty Black P Stone Nation.

In his lifetime T Rodgers was arrested for dozen times. When he blessed with his first child, he decided to work in film industry and got his  first breakthrough role as Dr. Feelgood in 1987 .

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