Who was Lil Meri and what was his cause of death? Popular South African Singer Died:

Lil Meri was a growing star of  South Africa. He was a South African young artiste in Tzaneen Ga Mothopa who lost his life at the age of 22. His Death News is surfacing on the internet and his sudden demise brokes the heart of millions of people. Lil Meri was a growing singer and no doubt that in the future, he will definitely achieve big things in his life. But unfortunately, his life is ended here. We will learn more about the RIP Star in the article.

Lil Meri

Who is Lil Meri?

Lil Meri was a young 22 years old singer who died of a short illness recently. He also owns a Youtube Channel with more than 5k Subscribers while on Instagram he has more than 2.5k followers. His manager confirmed his Death news. In an interview with LolahM, his manager “Professor” confirmed the sad news. He boldly said that Lil Merry succumbed to a short illness just an hour ago. When the Lil Meri Death news is confirmed and comes in front of the public, people got upset and heartbroken. As Lil meri was a famous singer and he has millions of fans and supporters. In very young age, he gains massive number of followers online. 

“The famous “Ke ngwana wa motho” hit maker, @Lil Meri met his death a few hours ago.”

Lil Gains a massive number of followers from his hit songs “Ke ngwana wa Motho and Melomo ya batho”. The whole Balobedu Nation is in deep shock after losing a growing star. Recently another musician and producer Dr Rackzen being involved in a car accident and is reported to be in a critical stage and as Balobedu, Limpopo, and the whole country we are holding our hands to his speedy recovery.

Lil Meri Death

Lil Meri was born in the early 2000s in a small village of Ga-Motupa in the Northern part of South Africa. His real name is Samuel Maritus Malatji but he is popularly known for his Stage name Lil meri. He did hard work and hundreds of tries to achieve the position where he is right now. Youth were really inspired by his Journey. But unfortunately, like other great musicians and stars, Lil Meri is the one who lost his life at a very young age. This is still hard to believe that Lil Meri dead

His memorable songs include the Hit of the decade Ngwana wa Motho, which was nominated for many awards including the Limpopo Music Awards and Sepedi Music Awards. May his Devasted soul Rest in Peace. 

What cause Lil Meri Death?

Lil Meri’s Manager confirmed his Death news. According to his manager, Lil meri has died of a short illness. further specification is not yet revealed by any of his family or friend. Our team is working on collecting more data on this. In 2019, Lil Meri was allegedly arrested by SANDF for being in possession of a South Africa National Defence Force uniform.


It said that the police and members of SANDF found Lil Mery at one of the petrol stations in Tzaneen then took him to Bolobedu South where the uniform was allegedly found.

One user wrote:

Samuel Maritus Malatji known as “Lil Meri” has sadly passed on after a short illness aged 22 years  his verse: ke ngwana motho, ba abha ka madha ka nna Mara aba thole selo

It is alleged that the members of SANDF became aware of the uniform through Facebook posts, fortunately enough he was released a few days later on free bale as that was his first offense.

After the SANDF Saga, he released a hit song BA RETSWARISA, Translating (They are getting us arrested) a song that took bolobedu music industry by storm.

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