Quinn Campbell: Once again devastating news from Grand Valley State University has been confirmed by the sources. Its  Student name Quinn Campbell passed away recently. The reported reason behind his sudden demise was said to jump from the bridge.

For your kind information, Quinn was not the only one in DVSU who died instead he was third in the hierarchy of death toll. Before him, Taylor Derosa, Teleah Lowe were also not with us. They all died a suspicious death which raised so many questions. We will discuss everything in many details so make sure you keep reading till the end. 

Quinn Campbell

Who is Quinn Campbell?

Quinn Campbell was 19 years old, who studied at Grand Valley State University. He was an inspiring and positive guy with so many aspirations in life. People enjoy his company because of his never-giving-up attitude towards challenges.

Dorian Thompson wrote on facebook “Unfortunately, there has been a tragic loss at GVSU. A young man who went to my high school and university passed away. I will be attaching the link for people to donate to help his family with funeral expenses. “


Not much information about his personal life is revealed so far. Our team did not find any of his social media. We will soon update you on this. 

Gvsu student jumps off the bridge

The news of Quinn Campbell death left everyone in complete disbelief. The information of his suicide was confirmed by his mother Tami Campbell herself with a mourning note.

She said “To the Grand Valley Community: that was MY son that jumped off that bridge less than 48 hours ago. Our local police showed up at our home at 2 am to tell me my son was dead. Our world has shattered. My face is raw from tears that won’t stop. “

Sources confirm that he jumps off the bridge and ends his life. Although not much was revealed and investigation is still on the board.

The authorities haven’t made any claims on the case yet related to the reason behind this step.  They are consistently in the touch with family and friends to draw out every single piece of information which can possibly help in the case.  Our team is also on alert to update you earliest if anything new came up out of the investigation. 

Reason Behind Gvsu Student Quinn Campbell Death

The suspicious death of GVSU students has erupted so many questions. As we mentioned before, it is not the first time when a student of Grand Valley met with a strange death. Like Taylor who was found dead last December, and Teleah who drowned in the lake. 

One said mourning his death “my heart goes out to Quinn’s family and fellow friends of his. you were so special. I love you forever, thank you for everything you taught me. I will carry your words and memories with me, always”

Another wrote “As some of you may or may not know, another GVSU student passed away this week. This is at least the 3rd death this semester, with one student still missing since Halloween weekend. “

The reason behind Quinn Campbell’s suicide is not clear yet. Now only investigation will tell us why he met with this end. 

So far we do not have Quinn Campbell Obituary details. Our team will let you know if family or any relatives share the obituary information. The GoFundMe page has already been created to give his family every possible financial help. 

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