Recently the popular American actress Kyle Richard announce the saddening passing of her loving friend Lorene Shea. She died of mental illness as confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. Her sudden unexpected passing broke the hearts of hundreds of her known.

Lorene has a deep relationship with Kyle. Both are so much close to each other and share every stuff going on in their life.

There are so many mourning messages on the internet sharing condolences with the family members. Our team also extends our deepest tribute for the great loss. We will share much more details on the same further in this blog.

Who is Lorene Shea?

Lorene Shea was 53 years old and best known for being the best friend of American actress Kyle Richard. She was in senior Forest Service for a long time in her life. according to one source, she spent around 35 years doing service in the forest.


Not much about her personal life is revealed to us at the moment. She did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. Also, there is no personal information revealed on social media platforms. She kept her personal stuff away from public reach. Talking about her married life she was married to  James Shea and blessed with loving children. 

Lorene Shea was great a good Mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt & friend who always loves her people. People remember her for her cheerful behavior. But when news came out that she died of psychological disease everyone’s heart broke. 

lorene shea passed away

The saddening passing of Lorene Shea death was confirmed by her best friend Kyle Richard. She wrote about it on her official Instagram profile sharing an emotional message. Following many share heartfelt condolence messages over the passing of kyle Richards friend Lorraine.

Her sudden and unexpected passing shocked her friends and family. Now everyone is remembering her and recalling all the beautiful moments spent together. 

“Dear God I’m so sorry. I have so many friends like that who I’ve laughed and loved with … the thought of them suffering is so hard. I love you my friend and if there’s anything I can do to help you – just tell me. Stay full in your heart and know she’ll be an angel around you flying freely. “

kyle richards friend lorraine cause of death

As mentioned,  Lorraine passed away due to some mental illness. She was cheerful, full of life, and a happy lady with lots of good friends.

The obituary details are yet to be revealed in the public domain. Kathy Hilton said reacting to the Kyle post  “Kyle I am speechless. I loved her very much such a sweet happy person. I just can’t believe it. I know how lost you are feeling eel right now just know what a wonderful friend and sister you were to her and she will always be with you.”

Another said “Heartbroken Kyle I’m so sorry, I loved watching your beautiful friendship. Sending you and Lorene’s family love and prayers “

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