The news of rapper Lul Tys death spread quickly on the Internet after his death was announced in a shooting at his Sacramento apartment. While the police report does not detail the reason for the shooting, a video of the incident has circulated on social media, with police surveying the scene. The shocking news of the young rapper’s passing broke the hearts of his thousands of fan following. People are really surprised at the way he left all of a sudden.

The video, captioned Rapper Lul Tys was shot to death, became a popular viral video on the web. This story is still developing, but you can learn more about it by following the blog below.

Lul Tys

Who was Lul Tys?

Lul Tys was a popular American rapper who initially belongs from North Vallejo in California. Not much about his personal life is revealed in the public domain. He was successful in hiding his personal stuff. At present around 49.5K people follows his Instagram accounts.  Even he has never revealed his real name to the public, his personal life is kept as private as possible.


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The Lul Tys death video gained wide public attention, and many believe that it is connected to the shooting of Ksmigz. Regardless of the reason, the death of this rapper has fueled a national conversation on gun violence. The rap superstar’s death has left many fans wondering, “How do we find out who killed Lul Tys?”

Many sources suggest that Tys was murdered in his apartment on May 24. Police have not yet confirmed or denied the rumors, and there are many unanswered questions.

Despite the fact that the shooting occurred late at night in Tys’ apartment, the rumors are still spreading.

The information of Lul Tys’ death have caused shock amongst many people and even sparked tears of sadness. Despite all these rumors, at present, the police have not released any official statements about the rapper’s death. 

Lil Tys Death

The death of Lul Tys was a shocking blow to the hip-hop community. His fans and title gave him enormous fame. In addition to his music, Tys’ songs served as an inspiration for many young people.

The world has lost a huge talent with the loss of Lul Tys. We are sending our thoughts and prayers to his family during this difficult time. There are many tributes posted on social media and online.

We can understand the situation of the family members who lost such a gem in their life. He was a young, passionate, and smiling man who loves his community. 

Lil Tys Shooting Video

As per the sources, Lil Tys death was confirmed due to the gunshot wounds in the shooting incident that happened in his area.

Although exactly what happened at the time remains undisclosed. Due to a lack of original sources, rumors are circulating spreading fake news all over the internet.

Our team always tries its best to provide you with authentic details confirmed from multiple sources. 

Until an official announcement and report are made public, more information related to the Lil Tys Shooting cannot be verified.  There are hundreds of RIP messages all over the internet mourning his untimely passing. We will continue to update you on this further. 


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