A popular high school based in the USA name Maricopa high school is recently trending on the internet. The video contains a fight scene in a classroom in the school. The video contains an attack with a chair that’s why you can people are searching about chair boy with the incident. Whether you’re a student, a parent, or both, you’ve probably seen this Maricopa High Twitter video.

The video is trending on the internet for the past couple of hours. The issue over which the fight broke out remains unidentified. We will share more about maricopa high Twitter video further in this blog. So keep reading till the end. 

Maricopa high school Video

Here are some of the most important facts about this social media video:

The viral video of Maricopa high school is trending on the internet since its first release. The video was shooted by an unknown person who is present at the time. There are lots of questions but due to the lack of correct information, we can’t share much at the moment. There is no official revelation on the same at the moment. We are trying our best to gain further information about the clip. 


In the video, one can see how brutally a boy stuck a chair on his classmate’s head. The reason behind the scene was claimed to seat issue. The victim here has taken the seat which cost him a big blow from the chair. Internet netizens and people who watched the video are enraged. People are demanding immediate suspension of the boy.

maricopa high twitter

According to the sources, The district stated the Maricopa Police Department was notified of this incident. MPD stated the perpetrator was charged with aggravated assault and released to his parents. One wrote reacting to the video “This guy has to have been a bully in some time of his life. Anyone in the right mind would’ve restrained him asap but since no one did it shows he probably has a “tough guy” attitude.” 

After hitting the poor boy with the chair, he shows no sign of any repentance. The whole action was done in front of the teacher. You can listen to him saying put the chair. But the boy has no intention to do so. Instead, he started arguing and saying it is funny. 

The viral clip of the Maricopa high school is already seen thousands of times and got hundreds of reaction messages from the general public. We will let you know when we have enough data to share. 


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