The popular basketball player Matthew Gwynne is arrested recently on charges of domestic violence in his ex-girlfriend’s home.  According to the sources, He was held in Nashville, Tennessee jail by the local police in response to the complaint. The shocking news was confirmed by many sources on the internet. Let’s discuss the matter in detail.

Matthew Gwynne

Who Is Matthew Gwynne?

Matthew Gwynne is a  former pro basketball player. Also, he worked on popular tv shows like Season 9 of Married At First Sight.  He was born on April 29th, 1987 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Matthew earned a huge fan following during his successful career in basketball. He was trending these days after the news of his arrest came out.

We will discuss the reason behind the same below in the article. He married Amber Bowles  At First Sight. From the sources, it was claimed the relationship between both is not on the right path. the pair has differences between them which leads to a consistent argument. You can find him on Instagram with around 48 k followers.


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Matthew Gwynne Arrested

Matthew Gwynne Arrested under domestic charges. Matthew forcefully enters his ex-girlfriend’s house Shelby Neubauer and both bogged into an ending argument. after which both lost their control and the former basketball player went out of control. Shelby did not want to create any scene at the party. so she warned him to go home. But he was not ready to comply the same.


One wrote reacting to the arrest news “Brett is FAR too good for him. She’s beautiful and intelligent. He comes across as an immature player with zero personality, who wouldn’t know a real woman if she slapped him in the face! Sad really because Brett deserved better and she would have been a great wife for him.”

Domestic Violence

Later police registered the case under the domestic violence against the basketball player. And arrested him in the downtown bar on Sunday night following the call from the ex-girlfriend. So far there is no information from the police that directs the further proceedings. The arrest warrant was discovered by  Scoop: Nashville.

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