Merkules being arrested news is surfacing online after many sources confirmed the same. the Popular Canadian rapper was put behind jail on 31 October 2021. According to the sources he was arrested because of giving his mixtapes on Halloween to children. The parents alleged him for giving his mixtapes which lyrics are not suitable for children. We will share more information and facts available with us further in this blog so keep reading.

Handing Out Mixtapes On Halloween

Who Is Merkules?

Merkules real name is Cole Stevenson. He was born on  September 27, 1992, in Surrey, British Columbia. He is a rapper by profession. He started his rap career back when he was just 15 years old. His passion and never-give-up approach brought so much recognition during his path.

The famous rap like Canadian Bacon (2012), Hunger Pains (2013), The Lost & Found EP (2013), etc. Merkules rocks everybody in his performances. People love his energy and passion for his rap songs.


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When the rapper achieved the milestone on youtube he wrote “600 MILLION!!! I remember when I first started releasing music I would be happy to wake up with over 100 views. I knew the key to my goals was to remain consistent and work hard but I’m also aware it’s the fans that make the artist, not the artist who makes the fans.

I could pat myself on the back but instead, I wanna thank YOU GUYS for listening to my stuff and sharing it with your friends. Every time you told someone to check my music out they told someone else and that’s how. See more”

Rapper Merkules Arrested 

The news of  Merkules Arrested was confirmed through his official Instagram account. According to the sources, on Halloween night he handed out his mixtapes to local tricks or treaters instead of candy.

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When the parents get to know about this, they protested as the lyrics are not meant for children. This created trouble for the Canadian rapper.  Here is what he posted on Instagram


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Shared ‘Inappropriate’ Mixtapes

The 29 years old rapper arrest news has shaken out his mass fan following. His act of heading out mixtapes on the night cost him a lot. The parents of the children who received Merkules mixtapes are not satisfied with the lyrics.

One Merkules supporter wrote “You cant get arrested for that it a form of freedom of speech to hand out your mixtapes so if he really did get arrested he will be out and probably have a check for false imprisonment”

They claim the music in rap is good but when it comes to lyrics it hurts. And pose a bad effect on the children’s mindset. 

One wrote commenting on rapper arrest “How about this instead of complaining and ruining someone’s career you just take it to form your kid and tell them they’re not allowed to listen to him till there older like I’m tired of these parents that if they think there kid shouldn’t be listening to it no one should how about you give your kid shit for listening to it”

Another wrote “So he pretty much got arrested for freedom of speech because I don’t know any law that says you can’t give Mixtapez on Halloween instead of candy parents should be thanking them because he should have charged for them mixtapes”



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