McCall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets and Kyte Baby TikTok Drama is catching fire on Social media. Kyte Baby Tiktok drama and apology explained.

Mccall Deason was making news headlines recently after her racist tweets draw out the attention of social media users.   For your kind information, she is a popular TikToker amassed 1.4 million followers on the short video sharing platform. In most of her videos, she includes her baby child’s name, Hazel. We will discuss everything in detail and also share more about Kyte Baby Tiktok drama.

 Who is Mccall Deason?

Mccall Deason is a Tiktok content creator. She is the mother of a girl named Hazel. As Hazel is unique child people found it fascinating to have updates on the girl through her Mccall TikTok videos. She was recently facing backlash from her followers after her racist tweet went viral. She was criticized for passing racist comments on the brown color of her baby child’s eyes. 


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Mccall’s unfavorable behavior towards brown eyes made her followers anger. Many called her racist for using color filters aiming to change girl eyes color. 


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What happened with Kyte Baby?

Kyte Baby is a kid’s brand that mostly deals in sleepwear. The brand is recently criticized heavily after the Kyte Baby Tiktok drama. Following the mass defamation, Kyte’s owner shared an urgent message through her social media handle apologizing to its 555k followers for the mistake of the brand influencer.


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Kyte Baby Tiktok Drama and apology

Kyte baby apology is needed to nullify people’s anger as many people wanted to protest against the brand.  The official Instagram handle of the organization made the post “we’re sorry”.  Here is what the post contains “Hey guys, it’s Ying, owner of Kyte Baby here. I just want to hop on and tell you that today I discovered one of our TikTok employees didn’t reflect the values of this company, and I truly want to apologize to you for this oversight.

As a woman of color, I’ve always strongly believed in inclusivity and diversity, and these are the values that Kyte Baby has always stood for. So again, I apologize for the pain this may have caused, and I also understand that in one of the videos, an incorrectly sized sleep bag was used.”

Some people show support towards the brand “You’re an incredible and such a professional brand. I’m sorry stuff like this happens”

“I think it says a lot to apologize and own up to something that you didn’t have control of. I love this company will continue to support you all ” said another.

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