A New Trending Video of Vikings pro athlete Everson Griffen goes Viral on Social media. Everson Griffen is always featured as the defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings football team where he plays the role of a strong wall at the end. The authority head has recently addressed Everson after his wife informed them about the fighting sessions he had to deal with against the ‘demons in his head.’ A Recent Uploaded Instagram video of Everson goes viral among netizens and people were continuously showing their comments on it. 

Everson griffen Video

In the Viral video of Everson Griffen which he posted on Instagram, he was posing with his licensed gun as if someone was threatening him or on the verge of a planned attack. His Instagram account has more than 89k followers right now and has more than 85k followers on his Twitter account. Fan and supporters were shell-shocked to finally see the so revealed dark mental fight the star player had to endure alone. Everson Griffen was a big Star and he has thousands of followers on his Social media accounts, something like this can never be expected from such a talented athlete. All his fans were totally shocked as they never expect such a wired video of him. 


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Everson Griffen’s Wife Tiffany Brandt

Everson Griffen and his Wife Tiffany Brandt were together since 2012. The couple is blessed with three beautiful children viz. Greyson, Sebastian, and Ellis Griffen. Tiffany is now having some serious trouble in her life after her husband had a severe accident on September 22 and then a mental trauma attack late at night.


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Everson Griffen’s Wife Tiffany confirmed that Everson Griffen has been mentally ill for some recent years. The professional footballer fell prey to a deer-caused accident while traveling to his training grounds, and then he was ruled out for some rest. and because of this Mental illness, he posted a horrifying video where he was carrying a gun to save himself from unknown attackers.

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