Recently the news of Missing swimmer is spreading on social media. Sources revealed that The Carlsbad Police, along with five other agencies, are searching for a possible missing swimmer.

The search is being conducted in the area of tower 37 and Chestnut Avenue, Carlsbad Police reported Sunday.

“The search for the possibly missing swimmer is being carefully conducted by land, air and sea. Again, if you know of someone that has not returned from swimming, please call us. Also, please stay clear of the congested area so emergency personnel can work.” Carlsbad Police tweeted.

Missing Swimmer Carlsbad

Missing Swimmer Carlsbad

People are praying that the missing  Carlsbad Missing Swimmer will get found soon. Our some sources also said that beachside sidewalk in the area of Chestnut Avenue was temporarily closed due to the search of carlsbad missing swimmer.

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“We got to be careful about like where we swim and stuff because you just never know and it could lead to this,” bystander Riley Murphy said.

Many other big authorities were doing their investigation to finding out the missing swimmer. Liberty Zabala FOX 5 tweeted: ” #BREAKING: Lifeguards are searching for searching for a missing swimmer in #Carlsbad near Carlsbad Blvd & Sycamore Ave. Officers say witnesses saw a person “struggling in the water”. Stay w @fox5sandiego”

 If you have any information about the missing swimmer, then you can contact the police department through this link. We can understand the mental pain of Swimmer’s family and we pray he gets found soon. 

Any further information about the Missing swimmer is not available for now. 

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