It is unfortunate that once again we have heard the death news of an American rapper, B money 1300, who got shot dead in midnight firing. The horrifying scene took place between Cabrini and Marshfield. Social media outpours with the RIP messages. A lot of social media users share their tributes and condolence with the family members of the deceased rapper. When the news came out in public in the early hours, Chicago country was stunned by the incident. Our sympathy goes with the family members of B money 1300. We pray that his soul rests in peace. Keep reading to know about B money rapper Death, Cause Of Death, Shot dead, Obituary, Age, Net worth, Girlfriend, Twitter, Facebook, wiki, etc.

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BMoney 1300

BMoney 1300 rapper Death

We are heartbroken with the consistent news of rappers got shot dead in the last few months. This is not the first time when we announced these types of news to our readers. B money shot dead in Chicago at a very small age. The information of his death was firstly revelated by his friend Polo G. He was around in his 20s when he became a victim of a gunshot. The case is still under investigation. Police trying their best to solve the matter as soon as possible. We will notify you further when there is any update related to the case.

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Obituary details are not revealed by family members yet. We will announce it later. After the death news of BMoney 1300 so many peoples shares tributes and heartwarming messages. Polo G was the first one who confirmed his friend’s die in deadly firing.

“This hurts so bad, I can’t even imagine how his loved ones feel. if anyone reads this, please just be respectful and send them to love Folded hands the internet doesn’t have to the internet with every damn situation” someone reacted to the death news.

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BMoney 1300

BMoney 1300 was an American Rapper. He was in his 20s when he died because of severe injuries from a bullet shot.  Due to lack of information, we are unable to provide you any more details related to the personal and professional life of B money 1300.

Cause Of Death

B money 1300 shot dead consistent firing between the places Cabrini and Marshfield. Sources revealed that firing was continuous the whole night.

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