Discover more about popular Tiktoker Mixedd.chicaaa. She was trending recently after her name is associated with the popular content-aggregating video blog ‘World Star Hip Hop’. She is usually known for her funny lip-sync videos. Her entertaining video got thousands of views every time she produced it on the short video sharing platforms. 

Who Is Mixedd.chicaaa?

According to the sources, her real name is Symphony Sampson. She was famous on short video sharing platform Tiktok by the name @mixedd.chicaaa. She usually posts funny and lip-syncs videos on her official handle. On her Tiktok she amassed 27.5k followers. She is an emerging star with a big scope ahead. Her positive and passionate approach towards her work gives her consistent motivation to give smile to every face. 

Although her actual age remains undisclosed in the public but from her appearance, she looks between 25-30. Information about her relationship, net worth, the place is not available to us at the moment. We will keep you updated with the latest happening so kindly stay tuned. 

Worldstarhiphop Named mixedd.chicaaa

Mixedd.chicaaa became a matter of discussion on social media after her name was associated with the popular video blog WorldStarHipHop. which is founded in 2005 and has an average of 1.2 million unique visitors every day.

Not much information about the same is available. We still waiting for more confirmation from official accounts to update you further. But there is no doubt after the incident we can see a sharp spike in her fan base and followers. 

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