Mona Kizz, a popular social media influencer is recently making headlines after she attempted suicide. A video is getting viral of the Uganda model in which one can clearly see her jumping off a skyscraper. The saddening news came out recently and shocked thousands of social media users.

Leads claim that she was going through a lot of pressure which induce her to jump and end her life. We will discuss more the incident in this blog. So make sure you keep reading this article to not miss a single lead. 

Who was Mona Kizz?

Mona Kizz well known as Mona Kizz is a 23-year-old Uganda model and social media influencer with a massive fan following. She was born in 1998. Also watch lt Stabbing Full Video online here. 

Karungi achieved massive success in her career. With her attractive bold pictures, she gained a mass fan following on her social media handles. As of now, not much about her personal life is revealed to us. She has no Wikipedia page on the internet. Also Monic never shared any personal details with her followers.

Information like her net worth, boyfriends, and family all remains behind the curtains. 

Mona Kizz is no more confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. She had ended her life by jumping off from the 7th floor of a building in Dubai.

The building name from which she jumps is the Al-Fahad building based in Dubai. You can find videos of the scene as some of the eyewitnesses recorded while she was about to jump. The video is circulating like a wildfire.

Dubai Girl Jumping Video

Dubai Girl Jumping Video Viral on Twitter

In the video, you can see clearly how she fell from a huge height and died at the moment. “just learned about Karungi Monic and my heart is breaking. People are so cruel in their judgment when in all likelihood she was not in that place by choice.

And no one can know exactly what (or whom) compelled her to make the decision she ultimately made.”

As of now their no official lead confirming the actual reason behind her suicide attempt. Although there are some rumors claiming depression or anxiety as the possible reason.

We are trying hard to collect more details about the Uganda model which met a tragic end.


Social media platforms are outpours with the mourning messages. Her followers are sharing tributes and condolences for the great loss. One tweeted”I have watched a video of this girl Mona Kizz jumping off from the top of Al Fahad building in Dubai and it melted my heart, Dear hustlers, if you going through a tough situation in Kyeeyo please at least try your best and find a way to return home than ending your life. RIP”

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