A video of lt stabbing is recently surfaced online which has shocked the entire internet. The video has gone viral on the internet and gaining so much attention these days. Many news sites also cover the same which has further added to the trend. The viral lt stabbing full video has already been seen thousands of times. The horrific scene in the video clip has broken many hearts. If you are searching for the exact video clip then make sure you continue with this article. 

lt stabbing full video

lt stabbing full video contains shocking visuals which have shocked the entire internet. The video is now available in the public domain so you won’t find any difficulting to find the same. The video clip contains a stabbing scene that has taken aback the entire internet. Those who have already watched the video clip reacted the same.

Many demands immediate arrest of the people who have done this serious crime. The It stabbing clip was recorded by the person who is present at the moment. Recently the name Mona Kizz is getting viral. He was a witness to the entire scene. In the video clip, you can see a person with a knife attack the man on his neck. And later on, the injured man lost his conscious 

lt stabbing full video

lt stabbing full video twitter 

The Twitter video of L.T stabbing has gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms shortly after it release. The original video contains a sensitive clip hence if you are a soft-hearted person then we advise you not to watch it. The person who got stabbed in the clip, later on, lost consciousness and fell into the pool of blood.

This is not something that we are making on our own instead you can find the same in the video clip shooting by the eyewitness. At the moment we can’t confirm much. Also, we can’t confirm anything about the person who got serious injuries in his neck after the incident. There is nothing that came out of the investigation as well. The police have started their investigation and soon we will come out with further details. 

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