Recently our team has just noticed the enhancing engagement of users on social media platforms over the alligations of Osama Eisa. He was charged with some serious allegations over the internet by so many people including his wife. It was alleged that he abused a woman on social networking sites. It was also said that he used his legal knowledge to dodge the law and his abuse towards other do not lead to any charges against him. He used to manipulate information to mislead the Muslim community for his personal motives. We will discuss everything in detail further in this blog. Keep reading to know more about topics like Who is Osama Eisa aka Partytilfajr, Alligations, Columbus,  imam,   Age, net worth, Twitter, Instagram, Wife, Wikipedia, etc. 

Everything To Know About Osama Eisa aka Partytilfajr & Twitter Alligations , Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Social Media Accounts

Osama Eisa aka Partytilfajr

Osama Eisa was known with the name of Partytilfajr on his Twitter handle. He is a Muslim scholar belongs from Columbus.  His ex-wife Shamiyan.  He has around 4.8k followers on his Twitter handle with more than 2.5 k tweets. He was often circled with so many serious allegations all the time. He used to mislead Islamic information and manipulate them as a way to fulfill his personal objective. His ex-wife also clarifies the sexual, emotional, and religious abuses she often encounters. Osama’s wife also appeals Muslim community to stay away from his fraudulent activities. His wife often put alligations on Osama for religious abuses. Now you must be thinking about why he was not arrested or charged under the law for these things. And the answer is his cleverness and knowledge. He dodges the judiciary system by using his legal knowledge to makes his statement looks flawless in front of the law.

This is not the first time when Osama Eisa abuses a woman. Here is a tweet from a woman speaking about the same issue

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Here is the Instagram post by Osama Eisa’s ex-wife.



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A post shared by Shamiyan (@shamiyan)

“Just read an account from a Muslim sister who was emotionally, financially and spiritually abused by a very well-known figure in the Muslim community and I honestly shouldn’t be shocked at this point but my Lord how does this keep happening? May Allah protect us from these men.”

So many people show their support on the internet towards the woman who becomes a victim of abuse

“This is so tragic and he seemed like such a respectable person, especially for a place like tumblr. He gave me a new perspective on how the Hanafi madhab actually worked and made it make sense.” one said.

“I’m sure people here would largely abandon him for some of his overly lenient views, but considering what tumblr was/is like and how non-confrontational he seemed, it made sense to me. It really can be anyone, huh?”  he continued.

“So this issue has been a global one. Same thing happening in my country. May Allah swt protect our sisters and brothers from these abusers and may we keep rejuvenating our intention and action purely for Allah SWT. May Allah heal the victims and abusers. Aameen.”

“I don’t know who Osama Eisa is, but I’m honestly sick and tired of hearing the same stories every few months involving different Muslim men and nothing is being done to protect women or bring them justice. The community continues to fail women. I’m tired.”

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Osama Eisa Social Media Accounts

Osama Eisa was active on Twitter and other social media platforms. His name on Twitter is Partytilfajr. 


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