Who is Kristin Pitzen Teacher? Why she is in news recently? If you wanted to know to answer so many similar questions then keep reading till the end. We’ll make sure after reading this blog no even a single question is left untouched in your brain. As we often witnessed the TikTokers are always in the opportunity to steal the show. They are always waiting to draw out other attention by their fascinated as well as ridiculous talk. Not all content creators do so, but you can find many on the platform.

Similarly, in this case, Kristen Pitzen who is well familiar with the name of Mrsgillingsworth uses harsh words for the American flag. She said that the Us flag made her uncomfortable. After her statement gone viral on social media, she faces a lot of criticism from all over the world for talking like this for a superpower country.

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Keep reading this article to know more about Kristin Pitzen, TikTok, Age, net worth, profession, boyfriend, Wikipedia, nationality, etc.

Kristin Pitzen

Kristin Pitzen

For your kind information, Kristin Pitzen is an elementary teacher by her profession. She teaches 6th-grade students at West Elementary School. She was also active on one of the most famous social media platforms Tiktok. She was familiar with the name of Mrsgillingsworth on this. We tried to search her TikTok account but it looks like her account was banned.  Her recent comment on Us Flag can be the plausible reason for this action by the TikTok team. Again this is just a view, there may be some other reason. Her personal details like age, boyfriend is not available with our server yet. As netizens on the internet wanted to know more about the girl, we believe her personal details will be soon available in the public domain.

Here are some social media reactions to the statement:

One said on Facebook: “Their teacher Kristin Pitzen, an ESL teacher is an absolute disgrace to teachers! Keep your own views and political stances out of the classroom! If the USA flag makes you uncomfortable, as a teacher that you belittle children that are asking for the flag for the pledge of allegiance, then find another career that is not affecting our youth! Highly do not recommend this teacher!”

Mrsgillingsworth TikTok

Kristen Pitzen posted a video on TikTok saying that she was not comfortable with the United States flag. The video was posted on her official TikTok account with the name of Mrsgillingsworth. After that video, there is not even a single message came out from her side. Her comment on the US flag makes so many American residents angry. They reacted to the video and eventually the matter turned up so big on social media.


The worldwide anger towards Kristin can be seen on the internet from the following messages


“I strongly believe that you should look into the things that Kristin Pitzen is teaching her vulnerable students. Politics is something that should not be spoken about to young children who believe everything they are told. Her joking that they should pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag because she took the American flag down and “can’t find it” is incredibly disrespectful and unacceptable. “

“I would suggest not sending your children to a school that spews backwards political agenda to its students. No school that values their professionalism would keep such an unhinged woman around children. Truly saddening that Kristin Pitzen, a woman you have employed in your school district, is forcing her students to pledge allegiance to a gay pride flag. These are young impressionable minds people! choose what’s best for your kids and don’t send them to an agenda pushing indoctrination center.”

So many internet netizens demanded immediate fire of school teacher from her post

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Kristin Said, “the US flag makes her uncomfortable.”

It is really sad at the end of a professional teacher to pass on these kinds of irresponsible statements. Her statement hurt so many Americans. Everyone loves one country and there is no right to anyone to demean any country to satisfy one ego.

“This is such a disgrace to our country. So sad that there are teachers like this teaching our children. Praise God for the good teachers who shape our children, not pathetic excuses for Americans like this…. PS. If the US flag offends you or makes you uncomfortable, take a one way trip out of this Great Nation. Signed, true Americans everywhere…”

13 thoughts on “Kristin Pitzen Real Name Mrsgillingsworth, Who is Kristen pitzen?, Back bay high school, Tiktok”
  1. Remember because of the American flag and what it stands for idiots like her can express options.
    You ever notice all the people who hate the US flag and America stay here. Why is that ? If you hate the country and flag so much, move the fuck out, oh but you won’t because in most other countries you would not get away with such disrespect !!!

  2. good for her standing up for what’s important.

    teaching the kids to say the pledge of allegiance every day, well before they even understand what they’re saying is weird and creepy. They shouldn’t be indoctrinated, they should be shown why they should love their country. and there are so many reasons to do so!

    at the end of the day, it’s cloth. what matters is how we treat each other. and we’re not treating her with kindness or trying to understand her point of view.

    I say this as a mother AND a USAF veteran.

    1. What you claim makes no sense, particularly since you claim to be a veteran and mother. This woman is a disgrace to her profession and every mother of sound mind should be deeply troubled that their children are entrusted to such an immature clueless moron.

  3. Too many people died for what our American flag stands for to be disrespected thus…..
    I am ashamed for this woman even if she is not ashamed for her self,.,.,.

  4. Who is Kristin PITZEN? Here are the particulars:
    Full name: Kristin Mikaela PITZEN.
    born 4 AUG 1995; Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., California.
    father: Gregory Stephan Pitzen, b. 1957.
    mother: Robin Renee Gamble, b. 1959.
    Class of 2014 at Archbishop Mitty High School, in San Jose, California.
    2019 likely was her first year of teaching.

  5. You claim to be a veteran. No one is going to believe you. You’ve obviously had some kind of brain injury. What you need is a good year in mental hospital. You think I’m being facetious? I’m dead serious
    You are certifiable little girl. If you were my wife, I’d put you over my knee. Spank you , then divorce you. You disgust me, as well as every other rational veteran. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. Don’t you idiots know that she is too dumb to know better but the person who hired her is a fault in this case its he principle his name is michael wagner and u should email for his immediate firing as he will continue to hire these wackos, WAKE UP PEOPLE

  7. It’s thanks to women like her that Sheria law exists. Meanwhile she’s gets away with disgracing the freedom that stops her from getting what she truly deserves. I’m sure she voted for Biden so the blood is on her hands regardless and I hope a taliban person who Biden has given our guns to takes her and gives her what she deserves. I have nothing against gay people but she truly is a stupid disgrace

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