There is nothing new in saying that those Twitter Account easily get famous that uploading inappropriate clips. and the same thing is with the Rainboww_ex Twitter account. People were eagerly looking for the Twitter account link of rainboww_ex although the information is very blurry and nothing is clearly available about a viral video do Polvo Twitter. We will share everything our team has collected so far on the same. So make sure you keep reading till the end to discover more about rainboww_ex Polvo, gay com o Polvo, and more. 

Who is Rainboww_ex on Twitter?

Rainboww_ex is a Twitter account trending on the internet after posting some inappropriate content on its handle. This is not the first time we are reporting an incident where a person uploads disturbing content on social media handles to gain popularity. This is a kind of modern way to gain public attention. And no doubt with the same they succeed in reaching their goal. Everywhere on social networking sites people talk about the guy behind the viral video. Internet netizens also express curiosity over the leaked content of the Twitter account behind them.

Viral video do polvo 

The video do polvo is creating a buzz since its first release in the public domain. The viral video is already seen thousands of times and held hundreds of reactions from the viewers. Some make fun out of it, at the same time some reprimand Rainboww_ex for making this absurd video on a public platform. Our team can’t share many details aboutt the same as nothing is clear as of now. Our team is investigating deeply to garner further details. 

vídeo do polvo twitter

The Rainboww_ex Twitter account has more than 4.4k followers at the time of writing this article. A quick spike has been seen in the popularity and fan following after the viral video. The account goes with the name Badnihh.  We can’t confirm whether this is a real name or something else. In the description section of the handle, we get to know the person behind the same is 24 years old. There are so many memes and reactions wandering all over the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. People are advising others to never watch the video if they do not want to spoil their day. 

Foda said “it’s this one, but I just warn you, be careful with the things you’re going to see, it’s nothing traumatizing, but it can be. Disgusting, let’s put it like this.”

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