A piece of shocking news is taking place where a grandmother has been murdered in her home in the month of Jan 2014.  It was a tragic death, which is getting viral these days, there are lots of people who are searching for her. They are bent on searching about her on the internet. The investigation has taken place and it is going on, cops are trying to find out more clues.  As per the NBC news  Dateline, let’s find out how police find out the sinister murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by someone within the family.  There are lots of netizens who long to know what happens to the family, they are trying to find the exact cause of her death. Although it has been a long time since her death news still people are showing good interest to know Peggy Nadell’s details.

Peggy Nadell

Peggy Nadell Death Conspiracy

Peggy Nadell was a Brooklyn, New York native, she used to be considered as an active member of the community. Talking about her personal life, she was a married woman, whose husband’s name is Robert Nadell. He had also died in the year 2003 by the grace of God, he had two children. Their names are James and Susanne. We found that Peggy Nadell used to work for IBM but she had retired about two decades before the incident.  She was pretty famous where she used to live, at the age of 80. She has been a member of the Democratic party and cared deeply about environmental concerns and women’s rights.


Who was Peggy Nadell?

She was living alone at a house in Valley Cottage, on Jan 25, 2014, Susanne was dropped by after she did not hear her mother for a while. It was like a nightmare for her, she was so worried, unfortunately, it came true. When Susanne has found Peggy dead at the foot of the steps inside the house. It was discovered that at the time of her death she was bludgeoned, stabbed in the chest, and strangled to death. Her loved ones are devastated as of now, they felt blue after this she was survived by her family.

Peggy Nadell’s Death

After the long investigating it was found that there was a sign of forced entry. Peggy had let someone enter the house, it can be possible and the motive was personal. So far authorities have not made any headway until they find strong evidence, she was living in Florida.  But over time as the investigation moved ahead investigators found Diana in the murder case. She had two children with James, Peggy used to spend time with them. As per the claim of Susanne, she said Diana would not let them see kids if Peggy Nadell does not give them money. They used Peggy Nadell for the extort funds. In the end, Andrea and Diana were found guilty and both of them were sentenced to lengthy terms in prison.

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