Recently our team just came across the shocking news of a 25 years old body who died in a shooting in California. His name is Ramiro Apatiga. the family and friends are heartbroken by the incident. they have never imagined something like this as he was a very loving and polite soul. People love his company because he made them laugh. Now all of them are just left with  Apatiga memories and beautiful moments. We will talk more about him further in this blog so keep reading.

Who was Ramiro Apatiga ?

Ramiro was born on March 7, 1996, in Guerrero, Mexico which means he was around 25 at the time of his death. sources confirmed that later he and his fmaily shifted to California. In his family, he has four siblings and a mother. Information about his professional life is not revealed yet. We will update you further about his life when any lead came out.

Ramiro Apatiga Shooting

there is not much information available on Ramiro Apatiga Shooting incident on the internet. The fmaily member also did not disclose anything in this matter. His death raised so many questions in the minds of internet netizens. On social media spaces, people share mourning messages to comfort the family member who is totally broken with the passing.


The increasing number of shooting cases in California has become a matter of concern. According to one source, California faces 1,658 homicides in 2019; the number spiked to 2,161 in 2020—an increment of 30.3%.

Social Media Reaction

To support the financial commitment of the family someone created the gofundme page of Ramiro. “On Saturday, October 23rd we unexpectedly lost a beloved son, nephew, brother, cousin, uncle and friend, Ramiro Apatiga. “

Zakohree wrote mourning the death “i lost a best friend today. anything will help his family. even just a share or like will help to get more people to see it. thank you guys “


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