In this blog, you will discover about Josiya Moffett, 17 years old son of Natisha Moffett. On  July 2,2021 a horrible accident took place on  Arizona circuit road which cost the life of Natisha and her four children’s including Josiya.

On that day, they were on their tour towards California celebrating their weekend trip but who knew this become their last journey. the heartwrenching accident leads to injuries to many people on the road. Keep reading till the end.

Who Was Josiya Moffett?

Josiya Moffett was the eldest son among the five children of his mother. He was just 17 years old at the time of his death due to a terrible accident. They were all living in Grand Rapids for a long time but shifted to Phoenix two years earlier.

If you ask about his siblings Giovanni Thomas Blakney, Santari Witherspoon, Malik Thomas-Blakney Jr., and 5-year-old Makayla Thomas Blakney. They all lost their lives when a semi-truck collision happened on the road from which they were passing.

Natisha Moffett

Natisha Moffett with her five children was on the weekend way towards San Diego. She was accompanied by her best friend, Ayana on the way who is in a different car following Natisha’s car.

Natisha Moffett

On the road, Ayana’s car tire got flattened due to some reason. then Moffett started rectifying the problem by putting the car on one side of the Arizona circuit road.

Unfortunately, a truck came with abnormal speed and collides. In the accident mother and five children got dead at the moment but her friend gets injured and was admitted to the hospital. Sources confirm she was fin now.

Moffett Family Death

In this horrible collision, the Moffett family was completely broken. Our team paid the deepest tribute tothem. According to one source, in Arizona, There are 810 fatal car crashes that led to 893 deaths during 2015.

One wrote mourning the death “6 caskets, 6 graves, 6 lives gone. A beautiful Mother and her 5 children. That’s hurt times 6! 6!! Praying for all the families. It was a hard day! Natisha Moffett you will be missed, my childhood friend


Gofundme Page

We pray their soul rest in peace. A Gofundme page was created by her grandmother to help the family’s financial situation. “Please help me bring my daughter and my grandkids home,” said Josiya Moffett’s grandmother. 

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