rishi nitya pragya death: The devastating news of Rishi Nitya Pragya death hit the internet hard. The legendary person was a well-known name in the spiritual world of India. With his great knowledge and wisdom, he enlightens the life of millions of people who follows him regularly. With his great words, Rishi has a deep influence on the life of his devotees. The news of his death left many numb and in total disbelief. Our team paid the deepest tributes and share our sympathy with his devotees for the unmeasurable Loss. Keep reading the article to discover more about the rishi nitya pragya news and his sudden demise.

rishi nitya pragya

who is rishi nitya pragya?

He was a spiritual guru who was greatly influenced by Sri Ravi Shankar when he met him at the age of 21 years. His contribution to a non-profit based NGO The Art of Living can’t be ignored. the foundation base was established by his teacher Ravi Shankar. The organization has a worldwide influence with over 50 million devotees.  According to his Linkedin profile page, Rishi was graduated from Chemical Engineering through the Maharaja Gaekwad University of Vadodara.

rishi nityapragya age real anme

Very few people know the fact that his real name is  Nitin Limaye. With his great teaching and influencing knowledge, Rishi NityaPragya holds the base of thousands of followers. his modest life inspires a lot of people and teaches them a lesson. Although he popular personality in India there is no Wikipedia page on the internet. You can find him on Facebook on which he is followed by 98k people. 

Swami Purnachaitanya said reacting to the news of death “A soul chooses to take a body, and walk this Earth, and one day a soul chooses to drop this body again and continue its journey… “

Rishi Nitya Pragya Death

the saddening news of his passing was declared by ‘the Art of Living’.  Following the devastating news, many share heartfelt condolence and tributes to mark their respect for the spiritual teacher. His teaching at Art Of Living Foundation as Director of Programs plays a big role in changing lives. He was born and brought up in Gujrat, India. If you ask about his popular Hinduism heat-touching melodious songs then  Guru guru, Hari sunder Nanda Mukunda, etc, came into the list. 


Death Reason

Rishi Nitya Pragya death reason was still unclear as there is no official information. We have not reported any kind of health-related illness in the past couple of days. there are some rumors on social media but without stringent proof, we can’t validate any of those. Our team will keep you updated with the latest findings on the subject. 

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