patricia cornwell atlanta: Recently a woman named Patricia Cornwell was making news headlines after her arrest by the Atlanta police has been confirmed by the sources. now the question arises who is the lady and why was she taken into custody? Keep reading to discover more about Patricia Cornwell delta airlines. 

who is patricia cornwell atlanta?

Patricia Cornwell became a hot topic after her fight video went viral on social media. She was traveling on the Delta Air Lines in-flight number 2790. The route was scheduled from Tampa to Atlanta. The incident was on December 23, 2021, where she got into an argument with an old man. In the video, both can be seen without masks.

Later when the argument heats up, the woman hits the elderly man on his face on the flight. The whole scene was happening during the plane in the air. When the Atlanta police got to know about the incident, they crackdown the lady for disturbing the peace and creating chaos in the flight.

Although the exact reason behind the argument is still not clear. But some rumors cliams that Patricia got angry with the old man when he unmasked himself during the drinking water. Our team will keep you updated with the latest findings in the case. 

patricia cornwell arrested

Many people on social media support the Atlanta Police department’s decision to take Patricia into custody. Patricia Cornwell was Arrested from Hartsfield international airport where the officer met with the people who complain about the unruly women.  Although the authorities have not shared the charges against the woman. She is now in FBI custody. In the viral video, the plane authorities and some other passengers can be seen preventing the lady from hitting the old man but she was not naming to cool down. 


Tampa to Atlanta flight fight

The Tampa to Atlanta flight fight between two passengers is taking ground on social media. The video is heavenly shared on different social networking sites and gaining popularity. Most of the viewers seem to criticize the woman for her action. Instead of slapping the old man, she can peacefully make her point. This will not only cut short the argument but also save her from the trouble she is facing from the police department. 


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