Ross Shaw Sterling High School’s fight video has hit the internet hard. The video is already viewed by millions of people. It was uploaded first on Reddit where it gets so many reactions from the users. It is the saddening reality that bullying still exists at ground level in most of the school all over the world. Let alone the talk, our system still needs so many improvements to fights these kinds of social evils effectively. In the video, one can see how brutally a student is being beaten with a feast. Sources confirmed the boy who is getting beaten up is Latino and the two are Afro-American. Stay reading the blog to know more about the incident.

Ross Shaw Sterling High School fight video

It was found by an investigation that the school canteen in which the incident took place was the situation in Texas. The video of an innocent student brutally beaten up while lunchtime is being shared all over the social media spaces. Internet netizens are demanding immediate action against both the person who is part of this terrible incident.  So far we do not know why this happened. We will inform you later when we have enough data to clear all your doubts. In this, Ross Shaw Sterling High School needs to interfere urgently and suspends or take appropriate action, against those elements who disturb the school environment.


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Anyone Arrested?

Until now there is no official news of the suspension of any student turned up from the school administration. Due to which many on the internet are sad with them. The anger towards both of the boys can be easily seen on social media by the comments and post shared. We hope the school department soon takes appropriate action against alleged bullies. There is an urgent need to eliminate these kinds of incidents. If we do not stop them here, they will not even think to include more innocent students in their list.

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