Passionate YouTuber Tomii 11’s left this world at the age of 12 years on 30 August 2021 recently early Monday. social media handles were overflooded with the death news of Tomii 11. Teenagers were crazy about Tomii’s content when he posted on youtube. Million of million views were recorded within a single minute. Especially children were very shocked when they heard Tomii’s death news.

stay on this page to know more about Tomii’s death, Cause of Death, Obituary, Age, Wiki, Girlfriends, Networth.

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Who Was Tomii?

Tomii 11 needed appx. 34 fans more to complete his target of 3.4 million fans. Tomii 11 beat the record for the highest organic growth in youtube history this year. More on his wiki will update soon on this blog to be in touch with us. 

Tomii 11

Tomii 11 Death

Tomii 11’s was passed aways at the age of 12 years on Monday. our researchers founded the cause of Tomii’s 11 was brain cancer. Before Tomii 11  was completely lost his mindset, he uploaded a post to tell the subscribers that he has no more time left since he was fighting a battle against brain cancer. chief medical officers examine that he was under stage 4 of brain cancer and his body completely parlayed.


Tomii 11’s family didn’t reveal any information about the obituary. Deathmilisha’s members expressing deep condolences to them. All the creativity of Tomii 11’s was no more in the public domain. The creator of God was given very little time to earn a name and fame through his creativity. Tomii 11’s fans were kept two minutes silent in youtube comment to rest peace  for Tomii’s sole.


Our sources do not reveal anything about Tomii 11’s networth. if you want to know bout Tomii 11’s net worth, stay tuned on this page…



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