Recently the death news of famous evangelist Russ Dizdar has hit the internet hard. Popularly known as a man of God has left the world unexpectedly. His spiritual knowledge and wisdom have no match. Russ shared his spiritual and brought enlightenment in the life of thousands of his followers. for this he arranged sessions and also wrote books on spiritual knowledge.  You will learn more about his personal life later in this blog.

Who is Russ Dizdar?

Russ Dizdar is a pastor by profession. he served in so many Christian congregations in his life. He first started by serving in the AOF church as pastor. Russ served 30 years of his life in advising and counseling people in the churches.

Many considered him as the man of god or The Warrior of God. Russ has been on several radio stations for interviews. Russ launched his official website where he shared spiritual messages to followers all over the world. He was the author of the books like The Black Awakening,  Spiritual Warefare, and Shatter The Darkness.

According to source, “Russ has studied at Cumberland College ‘Biblical Studies’, the University of Akron ‘Criminology’ and ‘Military science’, 2 1/2 years at Moody Bible School and in 1984 at Malone College went through graduating services for a BA in Religion/Philosophy, with advanced studies in Theology, Apologetics, and Greek.”

Russ Dizdar

Russ Dizdar Death

The shocking news of Russ Dizdar passed away was confirmed on October 18.  Although there the circumstances around his death are not cleared. But some reports on the internet claimed Russ Dizdar Died due to covid related complications. We are currently checking the authenticity of the reports being shared on social media space. We will announce full details of the cause of death later.

one said on social media mourning the death of Pastor Russ: “Still shook up about Russ Dizdar’s passing. I’ve learned so much from him over the past decade. I never met him in person, but I have a lot of friends who have. I was always amazed at how soft-spoken he was about some pretty dark information. Please continue to pray for his wife Shelly, who is still battling Covid, and for Thomas Dunn, who trained with Russ for many years.”


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Russ Dizdar obituary details are not disclosed by the family or relatives yet. No doubt the Christian community has lost such a legend man. His followers are deeply broken by his sudden passing. His followers are not limited to any boundary. All over the world, people listen to his spiritual knowledge.

Social Media Reaction

Our team shares the deepest console with the family member of Russ. We pray his soul rest in peace. Many thanked him on the internet for the amazing wisdom he passes on to his followers. Jon Robberson reacted to the friend’s demise:

“A brother in the fight has gone home. I knew Russ Dizdar. We shared many mics & conference schedules & without his work, mine would not have happened. It was Russ & Doc Marquis who showed me what to look for behind the film facade. This account will be dark today

Much love, Russ”


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