Tiktoker Sabrina Prater also known as Franklin Prater Goes viral for his Sabrina Prater Conspiracy. Missing  Sabrina Prater Founded.

A Famous TikToker Sabrina Prater is recently been trending on social media for his conspiracy theories. The Viral Tiktoker Sabrina is famous for uploading amazing entertaining dance videos on Social media. He usually uploads dancer videos in the dress-up of a woman. He has Thousands of Followers on all almost every Social Media platform. We will learn more about Missing Tiktoker Sabrina Prater aka Franklin Prater Flint Michigan in the article.

Who is Franklin Prater aka Sabrina Prater?

Popular Internet personality Franklin Prater who is recently going famous for his new name Sabrina Prater is well known for uploading funny dancing videos on his Social Accounts. Sabrina Prater’s real name is Franklin Prater. He has a strange hobby which he even mentioned in his Tiktok bio. According to Franklin, she loves to be like a woman, and because of this hobby she usually dresses up as a woman. You can find him on Tiktok by his username @sabrinaprater625.

Sabrina usually creates entertaining dance videos on his TikTok account but since some last weeks, he hasn’t uploaded a single video anywhere on his Social Media. His fans and followers were speculated that something terrible had happened to him because his videos got hated on TikTok. And this led to the ‘Sabrina Prater Conspiracy’. We will learn more about this in the article later.

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Franklin Prater Tiktok Reddit

The 34 years old Viral Tiktok Franklin Prater who is famous for his other name Sabrina Prater was got missing for several weeks. Because of his weird Hobby of dressing up like a woman, he got viral on Videos making platforms like Tiktok. Although, usually his videos got a lot of hate on Social media and obviously this hate will make him upset.

What is Sabrina Prater Conspiracy?

Recently a New matter related to TikToker Franklin came out on Social media by the name “Sabrina Prater Conspiracy”. According to the sources, Sabrina went missing for at least a week. His last TikTok video was uploaded on November 16, 2021.

After Prater disappeared from social media, his fans were devastated. Some rumors even claimed that he might have been abducted or he might have killed himself. But our sources have revealed that Franklin Prater is absolutely fine. he just takes a small break from the internet. 

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