Robert Mapps from Florida Motor Racer Died in Motorcycle Accident. Fans mourn the Death of Robert Mapps Racer. 

An Accident News is circulating among the netizens. According to the news, Robert Mapps, a professional motor racer from Florida, recently lost his life in an accident. The news is circulating among all the netizens and thousands of people were shocked by hearing this. Robert Mapps was a young professional moto racer who lost his life because of his passion for racing and habit of taking challenges. We will learn more about the Horrible accident which took the life of Robert Mapps in the article later.

Robert Mapps Florida

Who is Robert Mapps?

The Sudden Passing of professional motor racer Robert Mapps Florida makes his fans shocked and heartbroken. His Facebook Account is flooded with RIP comments and shares. He was a young talented person who has the courage to take risks in his life. But unfortunately, his courage becomes the cause of his death.  Currently, any official update including the obituary of Robert Mapps is not yet released. We just know that Robert Mapps was a professional Florida-based Motor racer who lost his life in a motorcycle accident. 

His Sudden death breaks the heart of his fans, family, loved once and also friends. Robert Mapps loves to do Moto racing even he always wants to do more than the best every time. Currently, anything about his parents, love life, or personal information is not available. Unfortunately, Robert is not the only racer who died during motor racing. There are many racers who lost their lives every new day in this game. 

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Robert Mapps Death

Motor Face is one of the most famous sports in the world. But this is only one side of it. This sport is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Hundreds of racers were lost their lives in this sport. Racers will cross every limit to pass their competitor when they are in the race. Among many motor races, formula 1 is the most prestigious race in auto racing. Although the game is adventurous, it is equally dangerous as many of the racers have lost their lives during the competitions. Still, there are people ready to take the challenges.  

Unfortunately, Robert Mapps has become one of the unlucky racers who lost his life in a motorcycle accident. Thousands of people paid tribute to him and passes condolence to his family. May his devasted Soul rest in Peace. 

One Facebook user Wrote:

“Rest easy Robert Mapps! Dawn Pugliese-Mapps and I have recently developed a relationship and she spoke so highly of her husband. They had their issues but they came out stronger than ever!! I know I couldn’t even imagine going through this right here! Everyone everywhere you have touched Rob! I hope that you look over your family constantly and hold Dawn up during this tough time! I am hurt for her.. Say a prayer, mend broken relationships and love one another because I know that’s one word of advice Rob and his wife would give! “

Another Said:

“Paying my respects to friends and family of Robert Mapps

Growing up on an island in the Caribbean with a strong passion for street racing you gravitated to the OG’s we see on Nyce1’s and Iamtaiboogie
Mapps was a real OG! Legend! Race in Paradise bro 👊🏾

Robert Mapps Florida Motorcycle Accident 

The Florida Racer Robert Mapps is no more with us because of his love and passion for motor racing. According to the sources, Rober Mapps had been more focused on joining the Prayoonto Racing Team, he had been clicking off PB’s as well as having the lights of wins.

In 2018, When he competed with Ray, in the first match he put down an 8.10 at 189mph! He must have followed strict track rules to avoid accidents.


Fuels like only Methanol and ethanol are permitted on such automobiles. During 2010, many wishes were flooded on social media to Mapps for hitting 9s in his turbo Honda.

No doubt that he was a professional and talented racer but luck is not with him this time. He will be always missed by the entire racing community. We pray that any racer will never lose his life in such sports in the future. 

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