A big shock in the form of news recently appeared on the screens of our laptop. Our DeathMilitia Team has recently heard about the Death of famous Saxophonist Willie Garnett at the age of 85. His Sudden Death news is spreading on all social media at a quick pace. we will learn more about Willie Garnett’s death further in the article.

Saxophonist Willie Garnett

Who is Willie Garnett?

It’s really saddened to announce that famous saxophonist Willie Garnett is no more with us. He was one of the legendary saxophonists who spend the majority of his life on this musical instrument. Willie Garnett was born in Haifa on August 25, 1936, and passed away in London on Friday, October 15, 2021. hundreds of his fans, followers, and supporters were paying tribute to him and passing their heartfelt condolence on social media.

No doubt that he was an unforgettable personality, As bandleader of his own big band, his strong and cutting sound, the joy, and the fluency in his playing are unforgettable. He will always be alive in our hearts with his strong voice.

His passion for Saxophonist is next level. Nobody can ever replace his place. We will really miss you, Willie Garnett.

Saxophonist Willie Garnett

One old friend of Willie wrote on Facebook:

“I have just learned that my dearest old friend and mentor Willie Garnett has passed away. I am absolutely devastated by this news. Willie was one of the greatest human beings you could ever meet. Companionate, generous, talented, and funny. I spent most of my late teens hanging out with Willie, sitting in with him on jazz gigs around London and learning my trade. He was my dad’s best friend and was like a second dad to me. The days spent at Taking 5 music shop in Hammersmith in the 70’ & the ’80s were some of the happiest days of my life. I don’t think I ever stopped laughing. Willie was one of the greatest and most loved jazz musicians in the business and stories will be told about him for years to come.

Rest in peace old friend, I wish I had managed to say goodbye. I shall have a little scotch tonight to toast you. My thoughts are with Sue, Alex, Louise, and Roger and their families. Much love to you all….. I’m heartbroken.”

Willie Garnett Death

The sudden death of Willie Garnett is a big shock for everyone. People were really upset since they know Willie is dead. A huge number of people were showing pains in the form of write up on social media. however, at this moment, Willie Garnett Cause of death is not yet been discovered by our team but we are working on it and surely update the article with the rest of the information.

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One Close friend of Willie Garnett Wrote:

“Today I heard the sad news that Willie Garnett has left us.

Willie was a kind, gentle and generous man and one of the best sax repairmen in the business.
He would undertake the most complex of sax repairs and when you asked him the cost he’d say, ‘ Just buy me a beer son ‘. He served the London sax community for many years and was the top choice for visiting American artists looking to get their horns repaired. Getting Willie to accept any payment was near impossible!
He was such an important part of the London music community and you would never, ever hear a bad word about Willie, in fact, he was one of the most beloved characters on the scene.
Willie himself was a marvelous and highly respected sax player and I’ll always remember the help and encouragement he gave me when I started out and all through my career.
He came to my 50th Birthday party and I had just invited him to my 60th, next week. Sadly it wasn’t to be.
RIP Willy Garnett.
You were a one-off and we’ll miss you so much 🎷🎷🎷🎷
My deepest condolences to Alex Garnett and Willie’s family”

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