Recently in the case of Brian Laundrie, police have arrested a fugitive guy named Ethan Waters. More than a month ago, brian laundrie’s missing report has been registered. The police have tried everything to look for brian laundrie but nothing works. Recently the case turned into a new direction. We will look into the matter in more deep further in the article. Let’s start with who is Ethan Waters?

Who is Ethan Waters?

As per the sources, Fugitive Ethan Water has been recently arrested for previous charges. He is said to have been running away and hiding from the authorities. Basically, he was a wanted who have been arrested near Brian Laundrie’s search area in Florida. WFLA reported that the police tape went up near the North Port side of the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park—an access point to the Carlton Reserve.

They found a man who was in the run from the police staying in the hut. It is said that it was the first time that the tape went up after a month of search for Brian Laundrie.

Initially, when the clues were found, police assumed Ethan Waters as Brain Laundrie. When the police tape went up into the woods for the first time, they thought Brian Laundrie was residing in the area.

However, it was another fugitive man named Ethan who was in there and has been arrested.

One Twitter User Wrote:

Ethan Waters, a wanted man, was caught in the area that the search for #BrianLaundrie is. Imagine if Ethan had no access to social media and thought this massive police search has been for him. Just running like hell for days, scared and they weren’t even looking for him

Another Said:

“Sooooooooooooooooo is there any chance that fugitive caught by accident this morning Ethan Waters was taken into custody & spilled any beans on Brian Laundrie, it’s every man for himself in the end, police tape, now officers w/rifles, Carlton the Reserve that never quits giving”

Fugitive Ethan Water Arrested

As previously discussed, Ethan Waters is a man  who was wanted has been arrested near Brian Laundrie’s search area in Florida.  he was suspected of burglary but later the police found out he was not involved in the crime and released him.

he was charged with resisting arrest without violence and was released from jail on supervised release and $500 bail. But police had to arrest them once again after he was found possessing drugs and contempt of court after missing a court date.

One Twitter User Wrote on This:

“Was just advised that there is a witness that Brian was seen and running from cops early this morning. Near the M. Park area near the shack where they are currently looking at now. If this is true Doug deserves an apology not just from me and everyone else. Looking into this now”


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