Bear Creek High School teacher named Sean van Portfliet who teaches Social Studies has recently come into social media trend when his incident started become trending. here in this article, we will learn about who is Sean van Portfliet and what is that incident?

Who is Sean van Portfliet? Bear Creek High School Assault Case Update

Who is Sean Van Portfliet?

Sean Van Portfliet is a Social Studies teacher at Bear Creek High School in Lakewood, Colorado. Bear Creek High School ranked 3517 this year, 2021. And within Colorado, it is ranked 94th. In short, school is really big and has a significant position. The school is located at 9800 West Dartmouth Place, Lakewood, Colorado 80227. and in this big school, Sean is a professional and passionate teacher. Hundreds of students were posted positive feedback for Sean on their social media.

One Wrote:

“Thank you Sean Van Portfliet! I am lucky to work with an amazing staff of passionate educators at Bear Creek High School.”


Besides Sean, Bear Creek High School seems to have a passionate teacher like Sean and a passionate union leader like Ang, the school often has issues to deal with. Ang has a passion for student equity, a passion for strengthening the community, and supporting her peers. And that is what Sean wants in a Union President.

Bear Creek High School Assault Case 

Every now and then, there would be incidents happening in Bear Creek High School, the police officers and school staff were attempting to detain unruly students.

Despite complying, the student resisted that led officers to use physical force to control the situation. Almost 80 students noticed this and tried to pull officers. More officers got involved for detention, and during detention, students threw can garbage at the officers. However, no students and officers were arrested.  The assault on the officer let a crowd formed who got escorted off the campus, and the school had locked down.

On September 2021, police received a threat call regarding Bear Creek High School. Around 7:30 am the police received the call that was scary.

Barrie police spokesperson coordinator Jenneth Mays informed the media that the situation was investigated and announced all-clear within 30 minutes.

We wish safety to Bear Creek High School, students studying there, and teachers who are employed. 

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