Sincindy aka Cindy on Tiktok gives ratings for celebrities after meeting them. Let us know her better.

Sincindy is a Tiktok star and aircraft worker. She is known for reviewing celebrities based on their airport behavior.

Sincindy Tiktok Aka Cindy Wiki

Sincindy is the Tiktok name for Cindy. She has been trending on the video-sharing platform recently.

Cindy’s account on the Chinese social media site is not available as of now. It is not clear the account was brought down by her or anyone else.

In fact, Sincindy makes videos giving famous celebrities ratings after her encounter with them at the airport. She meets them during her job as an airport worker.

Sincindy Tiktok Aka Cindy

To point out, Cindy works at Los Angeles Internet Airport. She has rated public figures like Nicki Minaj, Chirs Evans, and Noah Centineo.

Interestingly, Sincindy on her videos has given Nicki Minaj and Kendall Jenner the ratings of 2 out of 10. Likewise, Chris and Noah are the celebrities that have marked excellent ratings of 8 and 10 respectively.

Cindy’s videos had gone viral lately. But they are unavailable as of now. We could not figure out the actual reason for her account to vanish.

Sincindy aka Cindy’s age seems to be 20 years old. But the number is based on her IG bio.

In fact, Cindy has not shared her exact date of birth. Also, it is not clear where the Tiktoker is from.

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Sincindy’s exact height is also a mystery for now. She seems to be tall enough based on her pictures.

Likewise, Sincindy holds an American nationality. In addition, she belongs to a white ethnic background.

Besides, Cindy is mention anything about her parents and family background. Similarly, her childhood details are also under the radars as of now.


What is Sincindy Real Name?

Sincindy’s real name is Cindy. But her last name is a mystery for now.

Actually, Cindy never revealed her surname as a concern for her privacy. Besides, she had requested to keep her full name private during an interview with Insider.

Besides, she is well-known for her username Sincindy. 

Find Sincindy on Instagram – Her Net Worth

Sincindy is on Instagram with the username @_sincindy. She has accumulated over 1.6k followers there.

In fact, Sincindy has made her Insta profile private. It means one needs to be approved to view her posts there.

Also, Sincindy’s net worth is yet to be explored. It is not clear how much she earned through her job.

Likewise, Sincindy has not revealed her boyfriend yet. Thus, Cindy has kept her partner and relationship details private.

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