The tragic death news of Júlia Hennessy Cayuela, a well-known social media influencer, has been viral recently on social media. The last post from her social media account was “Life is short, let’s be crazy — me, you, god and the road. Your dreams are mine.”  According to the sources, she was on a motorbike ride with her husband Daniel Cayuela. For your kind information, Daniel is a successful entrepreneur and has lots of followers on his Instagram account.

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The tragic accident of the bike took place on 15 July.  The place of the crash was around in São José dos Pinhais in  Brazil.  Thousands of people share their tributes on communications platforms like Instagram, Twitter. Our team also shares the deepest condolence on her death.  Júlia Hennessy Cayuela’s death is really shocking news for the entire fan community.

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Júlia Hennessy Cayuela Death

One of the most popular social media influencers Júlia Hennessy Cayuela’s death is confirmed in a road accident in brazil recently. The news was covered by many big media organizations. Shortly after the severe accident took place, Júlia Hennessy and her husband Daniel Cayuela were shifted to a nearby hospital where she lost her last breath.

Júlia Hennessy Cayuela

The accident was so severe, that the doctors’ team was unable to save her life. Daniel was also severely injured in the accident. He got shoulder surgery and his situation is still very vulnerable. There are hundreds of Júlia Hennessy fans who mourn the death of their favorite star.


Christine Ballano Wrote : “Influencer Júlia Hennessy Cayuela Dead at 22 After Tragic Motorcycle Accident Sounds awfully suspicious 2 us Too convenient”

Here is a Instagram post of Júlia Hennessy Cayuela:

One more tweet from her fan community :

Júlia Hennessy Cayuela  Death Cause

Sources confirmed that Júlia Hennessy Cayuela was on a motorbike trip with her husband recently. On a road near São José dos Pinhais in  Brazil, their bike got imbalanced due to a truck and got severely damaged due to a crash.

After the incident, they both were shifted to a nearby hospital.  After some time Júlia stopped breathing and died on the bed. The current situation of her husband is still critical. In the accident, he got shoulder surgery. He was informed about his wife’s death by family members. The death of a popular raven-haired beauty influencer has broken down thousands of hearts.


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