The death rumors of South African artist Jobe London are taking momentum on social media. After getting the news of a famous musician so many people shared deep condolences and mourn the death. His death news is still a matter that can’t be confirmed as we do not have solid proof. The young singer was best remembered for his amazing song  Sukendleleni in 2019. He achieved so much in his life through his delegation and consistency. Jobe’s cheerful behaviors always attract surrounding people. At the time no official confirmation from family members turned up in public.

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South African Musical Artist Jobe London

Is Jobe London Dead?

A lot of rumors about the death of famous music artist Jobe London have made so much confusion in the public. One source claims that he was suffering from cancer past few months. But we don’t know whether the cancer is the reason for his death or not. We will clarify it as soon as possible for our team. On social media, people show curiosity towards the condition of Jobe London nowadays.  His recent pictures clearly state that he went through massive weight loss.

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Some say that he was suffering from cancer due to which went sick and died. We will announce it later once we have enough data to clear all your doubts. From the below messages and posts we can clearly see how confusion is all over the internet. But make sure do not to believe any of those until any official statement from the family came out.

“It’s so sad to see people on Facebook spreading fake news about Jobe London, he’s not even dead but you’re already sending RIP’s….how would u feel if it was one of your family member or you?💔”

“Jobe London buried his best friend Killer Kau not so long ago and he was not in good physical condition. Today he woke up to the internet declaring him dead. This man can’t catch a break Broken heart drowning face.”

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Jobe London Wikipedia

Jobe London was a famous young south African music artist. His popularity spikes many folds after his song Sukendleleni. If you take about his other song then Insane and Udlala Ngam will come on the list. personal information is not available to us at this moment. We will update you when there is enough information. You just need to be in touch with our site so that when we update our blog you can access it easily. 



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