Recently bloody war game erupted at the area of Bulbul Lanker area of Nawa Kadal in Srinagar. And in this bloody conflict, reportedly one gangster Meeran Ali Pathan died due to injuries. He was shot dead in the firing incident between the two gangster groups in Srinagar. Shortly after the incident took place, locals shifted the unconscious body of Meeran Pathan to the nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The shocking news of his death was recently confirmed on social networking sites. His family members and other relatives are heartbroken. The matter is still under investigation by local police.

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Meeran Ali Pathan

“Drop from militants to gangsters, from militancy to gang violence. Today on 27 july Kashmir witnessed the death of a 25-year-old boy “Meeran Ali Pathan” resident of “Nawakadal” area of Downtown Srinagar, in another form of Terrorism.” wrote Ruhaan Khan

JK Media wrote: “A local “gangster” of “Gujjar Gang” was on Tuesday shot dead in Nawa Kadal area of Srinagar following a rivalry between two local gangs in the area. The report said that Meeran Ali Pathan, a resident of Safa Kadal locality was shot at 11:30 am in the Bulbul Lanker area.”

“Meeran Ali Pathan Shot dead in an incident in Nawakadal Srinagar Police says it is a gang war What is happening in Kashmir Really heartbreaking”


Ahmed Ali Fayyaz reacted to the death: “Now ‘Gang war’ marks an entry in #Kashmir. In the first shootout of Bollywood style, one Meeran Ali Pathan shot dead in broad daylight in Bulbul Lankar interior of Nawakadal in Srinagar. Everybody wondering where these ‘gangs’ came from. Who are the dons & what are Police doing?”
“After drugs, now armed ‘gangs’. Is it one-off incident or the beginning of a new chapter of the crime history in #Kashmir? Are we turning Kashmir into Mumbai or Afghanistan? Nip the evil in the bud or be prepared for an era of kidnapping, ransom, extortion, killings.” he continued
He also said:  “This will trigger conspiracy theories if every member of these gangs is not identified, disarmed, put behind bars and tried for murder; if it is not explained to the public as to who provided arms to these gangsters and why @JmuKmrPolice ignored their activities.”

Meeran Ali Pathan Wiki

It was confirmed from the sources that Meeran Ali Pathan was shot dead around 11:30 am. Immediately police visit the incident place and found him bloody. It was also confirmed by one police officer in Srinagar that Meeran was an active member of ’16-Gujjars’.

“Police say this gang of urban ruffians has named itself ’16-Gujjars’. They are known to be roaming on overcrowded vehicles, beating up people, making videos for Instagram & Facebook. This is the first time when they used firearms and shot dead a man. Who’ll feel safe? Big Q mark!” 

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Meeran Ali Pathan  Death Reason

Meeran Ali Pathan was tragically injured in the reportedly critical gang war in Bulbul Lanker area Srinagar. The case is still under investigation by the respective area police. So far there is no update of the culprit or any suspect in the case. Stay tuned with us to get further updates. 

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