Who is Sylheti Nishat? Wiki, Age, Bio, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok:  

Bangladeshi Youtuber Sylheti Nishat is trending on the internet after her video got leaked. The leaked video is circulating like a wildfire on the internet. Sylheti has been in the attention since then. People are talking about her everywhere on the internet. She is quite famous in Bangladesh for her gaming videos.

She used to post gaming videos for entertainment and eventually crossed different milestones on youtube. We will talk more about her in this blog so continue your reading with us. 

Sylheti Nishat Trending Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit, TikTok

Sylheti Nishat is from Bangladesh and is a popular YouTuber. She is a well-known name in the gaming industry who has achieved a massive fan following in the country. Her followers are not limited to Bangladesh instead all over the world gaming fan follows her for the entertaining gameplay. Apart from being a YouTuber, she is also active on Tiktok.

You can find her on the platform with lacs of fan following. You can find her on the Youtuber and other social platforms with the name Jannat Gaming.


Information related to her personal life remains undisclosed at this moment. She has never disclosed her personal life in the public domain. 

Sylheti Nishat aka Jannat Gaming is recently in the news limelight after her video got leaked. The viral video cant is shared on the website as it contains inappropriate material.

At the moment not much about the video clip is known to us. We even cant confirm who is the actual source from which it originated. Since then her video got leaked, and many of her followers are asking about her intentions the same. There are some rumors claiming she did this all for social media attention.

Our team is on the job to collect all this information as soon as possible. Her follower is totally baffled by the way she has gone silent over the leaked video.

The clip has been circulated on different media platforms. You might find the same on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. 

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