Talyn Talks TikTok Star Racist TikTok Video going viral on Social media. Watch TikToker Video on Reddit Twitter apologize. 

Recently a TikToker Talyn Talks became a center of attraction following her racist video went viral. She is well known for her short entertaining videos on the platform. Her last video brought much trouble for her as people now ask for her to apologize for defaming a particular community. Stay with us to discover the entire matter which causes everyone to talk about it. 

Talyn Talks TikToker

Who is Talyn Talks?

Talyn is a content creator on a popular short video sharing platform. She also owns a YouTube channel named Talyn. Currently, she has more than 40k subscribers on her youtube channel. She posts a regular video on her official handle and is successful in entertaining thousands of people at the time. She was making news headlines after her one videos were taken in a negative way by the people and declared her ‘Racist’.  We will discuss what happens in the clip that hits the internet hard. 

We have found an Instagram belongs to her but did not have much detail on the same to clarify.


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Talyn Talks Tiktok

In Talyn Talks Tiktok video, she set to distribute food to the homeless and mentioned brown folks in the video. Her mentioning these words leads to immense criticism over having the mindset of brown folks are only homeless people in the world. This creat big trouble for Talyn.


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A post shared by talyn (@talyn.grace_)

Many unfollow her TikTok and social media accounts. Although there apologize already out from her side asking for a pardon of the people she unintentionally hurt. We will update you further when there is any lead. 

Watch Her Racist Video

Many called Talyn Talks Racist after her clip mentioning brown folks as homeless people. Whether the video content is intentional or by mistake, we do not know. She has already selected the video to not attract any more criticism from the viewers. We are currently garnering more facts to give more clarity over the matter. 

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