The digital revolution has changed the way we live and operate across the world, in which there were an estimated 58 billion internet users in 2017 and this figure continues to grow rapidly. From the way we order groceries with AI enabled fridges, to e-stores that operate on a global basis, shipping goods across the world, technology has changed the core of how we live, but no other industry has been enabled like that of the casino world.


The first online casino was launched in 1995 by PlayTech, providing casino players with a revolutionary way of accessing and playing their favorite traditional casino games. However, the industry has come a long way since its internet beginnings, in which today there are more than 2,000 different casinos to choose from, including quality casinos like casino888. 


Below, we’ll explore the rise of online casinos and take a deeper look at what makes them so attractive to casino players when compared to traditional brick and mortar casinos. 


What contributed to the rise of online casinos?


While the first online casinos were created in the 90’s, they didn’t take off in mainstream society until the mid 2000’s when internet availability became more widespread across the globe. At this time, many people in countries who were not able to access physical gambling venues began to take advantage of online casinos located offshore. 


Another factor that influenced the rise in online casinos is the growth of a digital first generation who grew up with computer technology. As this generation became of legal gambling age, it enabled the industry to grow as it developed a larger client base. 


As such, older generations and other groups of people who never would have stepped foot in a brick and mortar casino began to take note of the availability of online casinos as they became more accessible, in terms of social and physical aspects. While some people may not have found it socially acceptable or would have felt pressured in a real life casino, online casinos offered a new level of privacy and the grounds to practice their skills without judgment or large consequences. 


The first online casinos 


There were a few key events that took place in the 90’s that launched the progression of online casinos. First was ‘The Free Trade and Processing Act’ which was introduced by the Antigua and Barbuda government in 1994. This resulted in the small Caribbean islands being able to hand out licenses to anyone that wanted to start their own online casinos, kickstarting the online industry. 


Secondly, a small company located on the Isle of Man called Microgaming began developing gaming software which would become the basis of many major online casinos, including some of the most successful sites today. Microgaming launched a fully functional online casino platform that formed the foundations of revolutionary games we experience now.


Thirdly, while online transactions were a challenge during this time, a company called Cryptologic, who specialized in actual money transactions, developed a product that revolutionized online transactions, making them both fast and safe. 


With all of this in place, the online casino industry could now thrive. 


What are the benefits of online casinos?


Online casinos have a wealth of benefits over land-based casinos, making them the success they are today. Let’s explore some of these benefits below.


Greater convenience


For many people, visiting the casino was a whole night out in which a certain level of planning and budgeting was needed. People would dress in fancy attire, buy cocktails, pay for taxis, and splurge on a nice meal too. While this kind of activity was an occasion, playing online casino games is much more convenient, in which players do not even need to leave their homes. 


Not only is it much cheaper as none of the Adobe planning and expenses are involved, but players can also easily access their favorite online casinos games at the touch of a button on their tablet, mobile device or desktop. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is, or even if you’re on the daily commute to work, simply pull up your favorite game and begin playing. 


More bonuses and offers


One of the great things about online casinos is that they have far more offers and bonuses available to players due to a larger amount of cash available. Such bonuses are often targeted at new players, with offers like no deposit games so players can try out the site before committing to it.


Other exclusive offers include free spins and multipliers which increase the chances of winning more money. 


Overall, the online casino industry has developed greatly over the past 30 years, in which it is bigger today than anyone could have imagined back in the 90’s. As we continue on a digital journey, the online casino industry is set to keep on growing. 

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