Recently our team has found The Twitter Leg video gaining immense popularity on social media. Many influencers participated in the challenge which further advertise the trend. In this article, we will learn about the Leg challenge and viral video. We will also compare this with the previous head video. So kindly keep reading to discover every single fact about the subject.

Watch The Twitter Leg Video

In the viral Twitter leg video, people tried to link lower the portion of the Korean singer and dancer named Lisa with the upper body portion. The two pairs of legs are attached with so many upper portions. And the photoshopped images are posted on the internet with the caption  “Did it work?”. Giving more popularity to the trend Netflix itself tweet on the trend with its image of a horse. Here is a tweet on the official handle.

Origin Of the trend – LISA Dance Performance Video

the origin of the viral trend is Lisa’s dancer’s performance on the song “How you like it” and “Icecream.”  Her full name is Lalisa Manobal, who is a Korean singer and an amazing dancer.  Her latest dance video was on the Lilifilm Official youtube channel. Her long curvy legs are highly appreciated by her followers. In the wake of the same, the trend got its origin. Many social media influencers took part and posted their funny edited pictures.

Social Media Reaction

The Twitter Leg video becoming more popular with every new participation.

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