A popular internet sensation named Yandere Freak has recently come again into the social media trend. Suddenly a huge number of people starting posting about Yandere Freak on Twitter they were asking about who is Yandere Freak a.k.a Snowthesaltqueen, is she charged for murder? What is Snowthesaltqueen Drama and much more? We will cover all your doubts in the article.


Who is Yandere Freak a.k.a Snowthesaltqueen?

Popular internet celebrity Snowthesaltqueen is popularly known as Yandere Freak who is now accused of murdering three people and is said to have been charged with manslaughter earlier this year. She is Popular TikToker who has around 19k followers on her Instagram account & 1.6 Million followers on her TikTok Account. Some Users also claiming that she just changed her username from snowthesaltqueen to yandere.freak 170715501010.

One Twitter User Posted:

“About the TikTok killer. So, Snowthesaltqueen AKA Yanderefreak (who I’ll be referring to as Snow) was arrested for killing someone while playing with a loaded handgun with the safety off, only to be bailed out by their senator dad and is now posting cosplay stuff like nothing”

Another Said:

“ik i don’t really tweet on here EVER but please everyone try getting snow (yandere.freak) deplatformed. theyve commited literal manslaughter and still have a platform?? i’ve retweeted what has happened so please check that out and spread it!!”

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Snowthesaltqueen Drama Explained

A New topic is trending nowadays on social media. Thousands of netizens were showing their thoughts on this drama through social media. Sources claim that Yandere Freak a.k.a Snowthesaltqueen was involved in manslaughter earlier this year’s January. Even some Instagram users also show their complaint warrants. Hundreds of netizens were saying that Yandere Freak was bailed out with the help of her father and they were asking for her arrestment.

Snow the salt queen Manslaughter & Murder

A few hours back, some Twitter users have shared a screenshot from Facebook that unfolds the murder and manslaughter theory of Snowthesaltqueen.  

As per the post, Yandere Freak was drunk with a bunch of her friends. She found the gun that her ex left behind and was playing around with it.

As per the claims, the gun had bullets on it, but she did not realize it. When she was playing around with it, she pulled the trigger and killed three people with it. 

It is also said that she was later bailed out by paying $20,000 by her politician father. 

A Twitter User named amazon bae has some screenshots confirming the situation:

Update on the snowthesaltqueen situation. The cemetery owners have lut their foot down and have sent them warnings and banned them. Also snow lied. She did not get permission to shoot or take video there. The truth is coming out. #cosplay #cosplayer

One Twitter User said:

“Pax’s tiktok account was banned by Snow // badguyincorporated // yandere.freak defenders for literally putting Snow for committing 2nd degree manslaughter. His account goes down, but a literal murderer’s account can stay up.”


Another Said:

“their account name now is yandere.freak they used to go by snowthesaltqueen the most reputable source is the court site itself”


The complaint also telling us the same story,  The accused was drunk and messing around with the gun for 2/3 hours before it finally went off. She was partying with her friends at her residence. Her ex-boyfriend left the gun, and she believed that the gun was empty. 

She claimed that she did not remember loading the magazine as she was too drunk to notice anything. Besides, since they all were messing around with the gun, the victim was saying, “shoot me, shoot me,” and when she pulled the trigger, the victim was down on the floor.

This is all about Snowthesaltqueen manslaughter. Our Team is working on collecting more update on this topic. 

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