In this blog, we are going to discuss truck aplast girls recording video. The same is getting viral on the social media platform recently. The viral clip was confirmed as from California. In the video a little girl trying to hide from a stranger. The video is already seen by thousands of people worldwide. As per the reports the nearby CCTV camera recorded the whole scene at the incident. Keep reading to learn more related to the incident. 

Truck aplast girls recording video explained 

A new clip is taking social media by storm. This time a little girl who tries to protect herself from a strangers car is recorded by the nearby camera. The incident has taken the attention of whole social networking sites. The viral video is shooted from California. As per our sources, the video was made public by police of the Northern California city of Vacaville. In the video, a person possibly in his 20s trying to follow the little girl for a long time. And the same was felt by the smart girl. Further, when she got the opportunity she hide behind a Goretruck.

“She did a great job. For any kids that get into that type of situation, remember to pull car and truck door handles also..You may get lucky enough to set off some alarms and homeowners to come out..stay safe”

In the Goretruck Aplast girls recording video it can be seen, the moment she halted behind the truck, the car stopped ahead. Looks like the same was waiting for the girl to come ahead. 

Watch Gore truck Aplast girls recording video

As of now, there is not much information available related to the incident. There are no details ruled out related to the person behind the incident. Northern California police are investigating the issue. We will keep you updated with our latest findings. There are lots of reactions on the gore truck aplast girls recording video. Most are praising the girl for her smartness that she felt the same first place and protect herself from about to happen tragedy. The girl’s parents must be shocked by the moment. 

Reacting to the clip, Yuly Triana “If that little girl wasn’t paying attention this could have turned into “footage of girl kidnapped” and that’s tragic. It’s a good thing she was aware and knew what to do. This is why it’s so important to teach kids about the dangerous world while also trying to not leave them at all as much as humanly possible”

Another wrote “those split seconds when you chose to listen to this gut feeling. so many victims testify that they had it and wished they would have listened to it. God bless this little girl”

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