Adult star has been the headline after the tragic death of her child whose name is Wiyada Pontawee. He had drowned in the pool when she was at the party on Valentine’s Day. She was doing a photoshoot done for an adult site she is famous for being an only fans star. As far as we know Wiyada Pontawee and two sons  Chawanakon Hancharoenoanna and the small brother. They were at the party which was held in private Vilas is located in Pattaya, Thailand.

Who is Wiyada Pontawee Model?

She was going for bold photoshoots, she is earning a good amount of money through only fans as of now she is in trouble and feeling broken. When it was 10 p.m. Her son was drowned in the water after that her family jumped into the pool for saving the toddler. Even emergency service was also provided there unfortunately the little Son could not be saved by anyone. Many netizens expressed their condolence on social media as it is a hard time for her we Express our sympathy to her and her family, may the innocent soul rest in peace.

Wiyada Pontawee Son Death

As per the reports, it is being said that Ms. Pontawee has made her appearance as an adult star, who attended the party with other adult stars on the eve of valentine’s day. Most of the guests were busy that is why no one noticed this. All of them were enjoying the party, there is a photo on the internet in which we can see Chawanakon along with his brother, and other friends.

Chawankon was an innocent soul whom tons of people are paying attention to, most of the people called him Veo in love. Many other models and adult stars have supported her because it is a hard time. After the incident her husband had reported to police, he said both of the couples were busy at that time they were working that it unfortunate incident happened,   we hope god give them enough strength to go through this time,  netizens are reacting over this and on the internet, they are showing their support to the family. For more support keep visiting this site we will let you know more updates on the same site. We will be right back with more interesting posts on the same page.


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