Recently we have noticed the Unique Salonga, a famous Filipino musician is in the social media limelight because of so many rumors. The grooming allegations of Unique Salonga are in its Filipino full swing. He was alleged of being a groomer on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Unique has completely denied the allegation and stated them baseless. As he is a famous songwriter and has a good fan community, he was supported by his fan following against the issue. Not much information is available in public that clarifies any of the sides. 

Keep reading this article to know more about Unique Salonga grooming allegations, Issues, Wikipedia, Age, Net worth, Girlfriend, Unique Salonga groomer, IV of Spades, Facebook, Twitter reaction. 

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Unique Salonga Grooming Allegations

Unique Salonga has been trending on the internet after he was alleged with grooming allegations. He was well remembered for being the frontman of the song IV of Spades. He has decent numbers of fan following on the internet that’s why it is shocking news for his fan. They have never imagined that Salonga was called a groomer. Sources confirmed that he was claimed to be forcing a 15-year-old fan. when this news turned up on social media, people start reacting to the news. Some believe all these rumors are baseless with no authenticity. We can’t comment on any of those beliefs as we do not have complete details yet. 


Unique Salonga

Unique Salonga Issue

“What’s funny about Unique Salonga issue being a groomer is the fact that some fans are so entitled to tell the victim to show more proof before they get convinced as if her trauma is something she owes to anyone. You tell victims to speak up yet you shut them when they do.” Said Alphina on Twitter

One comment on the tweet: “We need “credible” proofs, ang fishy ng evidence yet you still want us to believe the “possible” victim agad. Innocent til proven guilty is a basic human rights.”

In response, she wrote: “No we don’t need “credible” proof as if she owes it to us. That battle is not ours for us to impose more. If evidence are not enough, let it be. But don’t understate someone’s experience just because it didn’t satiate your stand on the matter. Especially on issues like this.”

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 He further added: “also, I know na nothing is confirmed yet and the said proofs are medjo skeptical daw because Walang dates but PLS BELIEVE THE VICTIM. its very hard to open up regarding something like this, especially when someone who has fame is involved.”



Unique Salonga complete name is Unique Torralba Salonga. He was 21 years old at present. Originally he Belongs to Filipino. He was a musician and songwriter by his profession. He started his career as a vocalist of IV of Spades. But later he chooses to continue as the solo in his career. In 2018 he launched his debut single Midnight Sky and later in the same year he releases his album, Grandma. In 2020 he released a new album with the name pangalanDetails related to the net worth of Unique are not available with us at this time. Kindly stay connected to not miss the updates. 


Unique Salonga has never uncovered his girlfriend’s details in public. So we do not have any information related to the same at press time.


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