Recently Death news of another young boy becoming trending on social media. A young boy named Tom van Dijk from Chatswood recently came in Trending searches. who he is and why has he is been searching on social media? Be on the blog to get all the answers.

Tom van Dijk Death

Our sources revealed that Tom van Dijk was a young brilliant student. He has a special interest in music and sports. He was a kind heart boy who loves to make friends.

Tom van Dijk Was a resident of Chatswood, New South Wales. He was of Australian nationality.


Some of our sources also disclosed that he was a swimming champion.

There were other young children who adored Tom. Undoubtedly, everybody loved him and the way he treated his fellow mates.

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The Death story of Tom van Dijk Chatswood starts being viral on social media and on the internet on 22 August.

some sources also said that Tom’s story is just a developing story. Not even a single local newspaper or online site has confirmed this piece of news.

the authorities are looking into the matter closely. whenever our Team gets anything in this matter, we will let this blog update.

Tom van Dijk From Chatswood

Tom Van Dijk ST Pius X

Tom van Dijk Death news is spread on whole Facebook and other social media network. All this is started from one user Sandor Freisinger uploaded John Couani‘s letter online.

But any official source confirming the Letter is true or not is not available. So, we aren’t really sure that Tom is dead or alive. 

For now, we can only mourn for his death. Our entire team sends our love and support to the entire van Dijk family at this difficult time.

Reportedly, John says that his student had gone for swimming with is parents, Brad and Karie. Reportedly, his close friend, Caitlin Webster had joined them too.

After coming out of the water, Tom had chest pain which further grew into cardiac arrest. He was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital.

Unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t save him. Indeed, his mom and dad are devasted by the news and need continuous support right now.

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Tom van Dijk Facebook

Tom was a 12-year-old young brilliant guy. His death news shocked the whole of Facebook. He was a student of St Pius X College. However, the official Facebook page of the institution hasn’t confirmed his passing yet.

No doubt that the life loss of Tom is huge for the whole college. 

Furthermore, Principal John Couani has confirmed that there will be a group meeting at 8:55 AM on August 23. Furthermore, he has invited all the parents to attend the ceremony.


3 thoughts on “Who is Tom van Dijk From Chatswood? Death, St Pius X Chatswood Student, Facebook, Obituary, Age, John couani”
  1. The age of students that graduate year 12 in australia range from 17-18 years old.
    Tom was 17 years old.

    hope this helps you resolve the issue.

  2. Just letting you know he was in “Year 12”, he isn’t a 12-year-old. Year 12 in Australia is the same as 12th Grade in America (he was supposed to be graduating High School this year).

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