Millions of Twitter accounts were created every day with weird names and profile photos. Even Recently, one Report claims that Twitter Blocked 46000 Twitter Accounts that look fake and suspicious. Recently some Twitter accounts with almost the same concept (NSFW Content) got into the circle of Social Media. People were looking for some kind of viral Leaked video that are posted on these accounts, vidyouwant Twitter, x_raesara, david uk twitter, baitingszn twitter and thats the reason these random Twitter accounts.

Who is vidyouwant twitter?

Vidyouwant Twitter is not more than a normal Twitter account that has recently posted NSFW content on its platform which later creates controversy on Social Media. Although the reality behind the personality behind these viral videos and these Twitter accounts is still unidentified. Our team is working best to get the complete video link for our audience, and we are expected that in the near future we are surely found every single details related to the viral video of vidyouwant twitter.

Who is x_raesara Twitter?

Like all other Non-sense and weird Twitter accounts that usually got banned within 1-2 weeks of opening, x_raesara is a Twitter username that posts NSFW and weird content for its audience. Although the account does not have a high number of followers right now we are expecting that this account is going to be banned very soon as it violates the policies of Twitter.

Who is David uk Twitter?

Nowadays, Social Media accounts were mostly used to spread controversial news, something similar is with Twitter account of David uk Twitter. The Twitter account has posted an NSFW or fighting video which is of course not suitable for youngsters and kids. But unfortunately, social media is obsessed with such kinds of videos and everynew day a new video got famous and get the attention of millions of users on the internet. 

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