Who is Vivalabadchick, aka Katt Leya and what is her Instagram account: Another Instagram Model Vivalabadchick has become a viral Social media personality on the internet nowadays. People were curious to know more about her. Nowadays, hundreds of people were easily becoming stars of Social media especially on platforms like Instagram & Tiktok by posting their cute videos there. An Instagram user named @vivalbadchick is one of them. We will learn more about the social media star in the article.

Who is Vivalabadchick?

Vivalabadchick is a famous Instagram User who recently got viral on the internet. People were going crazy for knowing more about the Instagram model’s real name and Wikipedia. Currently, the Instagram user @vivalbadchick has more than 49k followers. She is also available on Twitter with the name Katt Leya. Furthermore, nothing is available about her anywhere on the internet. 

Vivalabadchick Instagram

With just 92 posts, she gains more than 49k followers on in Instagram. And no doubt that she will gains millions of followers within the upcoming weeks. Nonetheless, her Twitter account contains a large number of photos and videos. She presently has 80.4k Twitter followers and 0 followings. 


Real Name Katt Leya 

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