The death news of a YouTuber and actress named Teena Arches is becoming viral on social media. Some of her famous movies are Recipes for Love (2018) and Mac & Chiz (2015). The sudden death of Teena makes hundreds of people upset. She was a young, pretty, and kind-hearted girl who left this world very soon leaving all her dreams incomplete. She was one of those girls who have the ability to do something better than others. May got give peace to her beloved soul.

Teena Arches

Who is Teena Arches?

Popular Vlogger & YouTuber Teena Arches has been one of the wonderful YouTube Artist who has more than 50k subscribers on their channel. She was a lady who don’t depend on anyone else to achieve their dreams. Her passion for her works makes her a beautiful personality who can never be forgotten by any of her fans. She was just 31 year old and left this world. 

By profession, freelance makeup artist, and lifestyle Vlogger. On her YouTube Channel, she gives Makeup tips and grooming tips.  The Youtube star is recognized for the content of her AngKikayKo channel.  She established her name as an Internet star in the year 2010.

One Facebook User Wrote:

“Teena Arches I cant believe you’re gone. You may not know me personally but you’re one of the many plus size filipina I looked up to. Rest in paradise gorgeous #teenaarches”

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Another Said:

“We lost an angel in the Plus Size Community. 😭

Teena Arches has been one of the best advocates in our industry. She’s been an inspiration to many of us. From learning from her about make up, fashion, BodyLove and even creating the #MagandaAkoPeriod movement that most of us knows and uses.
She is soo young but have inspired so many of us. And surely she is now up in heaven and happy she has inspired a lot of us.
Keep being positive everyone. We may have lost Teena waaayyy too soon. But let’s remember all the smiles and the confidence she taught us. Not only on our plus size community but even outside.
Sending Lots of Love and Light to you sistah and your family. Condolences. Rest easy our friend! 🙏💜💐
Written by: Avon Hornilla / @curvyavon”

Uncountable tributes were paid on social media by the fans and supporters of Teena Arches.

Teena Arches has YouTube Channel named Teena Arches. We will learn more about her later in the article.

Teena Arches Death

Teena Arches Death cause is not available on any official source or even not reveal by any of Teena Arches relatives through social media. Our Team keeping eye on the family update of Teena Arches and we will quickly update the article whenever we got anything in this matter.

Even it can be possible that Teena Arches is not dead as any official confirmation of her death is not come out. But hundreds of Teena’s fans were paying tribute and showing their pain on Teena Arches Death on Twitter.


As per the sources, Teena has died in noon on the 22nd of September, 2021. Her Sudden passing news is difficult to accept for her every fan and follower. Her Instagram Account has more than 26k followers on the other hand, her Twitter account has around 1k followers.


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How did Teena Arches Die? Cause of Death

At this moment, the Teena Arches Actual cause of death is not yet revealed by any official source. While some social media post revealing that Teena Arches has died of covid. Our team is working their best to let this article updated with the latest info whenever we got anything.

On Twitter User Wrote:

“Saddened by the news that Teena Arches died! Huhuhu I’ve been following her since the beginning. Yung fave kong Hello Kitty na leggings sa kaniya pa galing. Lord baket naman ganon”


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