who was todd kochutin?: Another Sad Death news of an internet celebrity named Todd Kochutin just popup on the screens of our computers recently. Cast Member of  Deadliest catch  Todd Kochutin has unexpectedly passed away at the beginning of this year. His Death news is surfing on the internet and on every social media platform. We will talk more about him further in this article. 

who is Todd Kochutin?

Todd was born in Anchorage, Alaska, to the family of Robert Olsen and Deanna Kochutin. He was famous for his passion fisherman who entertained people with his sense of humour.  He spent most of his life doing what he love most, fishing for king crab, opilio, Pacific cod, and pollock in the Bering Sea. The Bering Sea was a very special place near and dear to his heart.

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According to his Facebook profile, Todd was a former Dock Worker at Trident Seafoods and also worked at F/V Voyager as a deckhand.


He loves to meet new people and his kind nature easily makes friends. He has a great sense of humour which is really appreciated by many. His other hobbies are listening to music and playing the guitar and enjoyed playing video games. He was a great son, brother, and grandson.

Everyone is sad about losing a beautiful personality.

Todd Kochutin

Todd Kochutin Death

Death news of Todd Kochutin wasn’t open to the public till now. The reason for this is under investigation by our team. His Death news started becoming viral on social media for last some hours.

Todd was the guy that came in to replace Maylon Lee when Maylon had a knee injury last year in 2020 Op’s season. Unfortunately, Maylon died sometime in August 2020.

Todd could be described as one of the baddest fishermen and also a badass crabber 90lbs wet and worked harder than twice Maylon’s size.

Landon Cheney from Summer Bay through his Facebook page confirmed the death of Todd Kochutin. He said the young Fisherman died while fishing crab. They wrote:

“Just got some pretty bad news. My friend Todd who I fished with on the summer Bay last winter just died today while fish crabbing. The picture of me, him and Nock took when Todd stopped by the boat in the fall. Rest Easy My Brother.”

Todd Kochutin Accident

The Alaska Crab Fisherman who was on Deadliest catch season 16 was reported to have died on February 26, 2021, at the age of 30. Some sources revealing he had an accident while onboard F/V Patricia Lee and later succumbed to the injuries.

One Facebook User Wrote:

“R.I.P. Todd Kochutin

Former deckhand on the fishing vessel Summer Bay
Deckhand on the fishing vessel Patricia Lee

Deadliest Catch”

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