Popular social media stars and content creator on Tiktok KATKAT MANIMTIM BERNARDO is gaining so much attention these days. The KATKAT MANIMTIM and her mail counterpart Marc Daniel both were confirmed in an active relationship. A leaked video is getting so much reaction these days which contains both of them. Both can be seen doing inappropriate stuff which got leaked on the internet somehow. We don’t know how this leak happens. We will share more details on this following in this blog. so keep reading this article to not miss anything. 


KATKAT MANIMTIM is a popular content creator on Tiktok who shares dance and lip-syncing videos to entertain her crowd. She has millions of fan following on her social handles. Talking about her Tiktok account around 9 million people follows her. You can follow Katkat Manimtim on Instagram which has a massive fan following. 


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Reports confirm that she is in an active relationship with the Tiktoker name Marc Daniel Bernardo. Both have shared so many pictures together on social handles. And suddenly a scandal video got leaked which surprised their entire fan following.

No one has ever thought that they will do something like this and record the same. Apart from this, both have a Youtube account too with the name Katniel which has around 637k subscribers at the moment. 


Katkat Manimtim and her partner Marc Daniel Bernardo’s video is leaked on the internet recently. The leaked video contains nudity scenes which we cant share with you on our platform.

If you are too much curious about watching the video clip then you might find it on social media. Those who have already watched it shares mixed reactions.

Some criticize Marc Daniel Bernardo and Katkat Manimtim for recording such a video and making this available online. As of now, both have maintained their silence over the leaked material. We will keep you updated with further leads on this. 

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